Young Picc on New Single W/ Tory Lanez ; Tupac Influence ; Spits Freestyle



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  1. Arabs, Asians, & Europeans were the only civilized people until the blacks were rescued from the jungles of Africa. If it wasnt for them, blacks would still be sniffing buttholes in the safari in their mud huts. Whites had to teach them how to speak an actual language(which they still have trouble with), shower (which they still don't do daily), work (which they still only do when they feel like), and live civilized (which they still can't do because they all go in and out of jail their whole lives).

  2. The whole BLM movement is just a bunch of thugs, freeloaders, rapists, gang members, & illiterates who joined forces to overthrow the chosen people in power (white people). But they just aren't educated or smart enough to complete the task so they resort to violence. Lock those scum bags ups…

  3. Blacks have the lowest IQ in the world. IQ has an enormous impact on lifestyle, achievement, and behavior. IQ correlates to poverty, crime, morality, and broken homes on one side – and education, wealth, human accomplishment, long life and stable homes on the other. It is not a far cry to say it is IQ that makes humans better than the animals, and it is IQ that makes some humans better than other humans.

    In conclusion, I would like to raise the argument that Blacks are not actually human or subhuman, but they're really animals.

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