xxxtentacion x DJ Akademiks Full Conversation (3 Hours of Raw, Honest, Unfiltered Convo)

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  1. i’m waiting for the offers ak is gonna get to stream after watching this i see he’s started something here nobody else has ever done he gone change the game watch

  2. To anyone seeing this, I'm an upcoming rapper trying to make it. I feel like I have the potential to be someone. I wasn't born to be a rapper but I can be. You can see my improvement if you listen to my older music and my current and I know I can continue to improve. If you're seeing this message I just ask that you listen to my song 'Count It Up' on my profile and possibly leave feedback if you don't mind, thank you.

  3. Lmfao hold on hold on hold on did this duck ass nigga ak just say that he’s not one of these “fans” you sissy ass nigga was drooling for the migos like a hoe

  4. yo it's so weird how every generation of rap hates on the one two generations ago. like rap improves over all but when they're young, just straying out and haven't accomplished much they always come off on some arrogant fuck the guy who is on a pedestal for no reason shit.

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