xxxtentacion says the KKK Referred to as him and Threatened him over his Look At Me / Riot Music Video.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on xxxtentacion saying the KKK Referred to as him and Threatened him over his Look At Me / Riot Music Video.

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  1. It's so weird how the Klan is even still relevant nowadays, like yo, there's more white ppl beating up white supremacists than there are minorities beating up white supremacists. Don't you think that would send a message that ain't nobody really fuckin with your movement? Lol

  2. Y'all niggas rode akadmiks for 2 years about drake! Now this Nigga can't keep x name out his mouth. Thank y'all. I don't believe nothing this nigga x got to say the moment he went at j Cole. How you gon go at the neck of one of the top conscious rappers and then try and bE conscious and expect people to believe you? I'm done!

  3. Yo ak how do u rate these us rappers but not rating the U.K. Legend giggs? Guy goes harder then most us artist n was the only reason most ppl out here In uk listened to that pagan fake drakes kmt tune. U ain't welcome through these borders no more.

  4. Being white I can say I don't give a fuck if they're blacks browns yellows reds purples greens or mother fuckin blue, if you got a good message for the world and wanna get your message across (in what is probably the best way anyone today could influence our generation) I'm gonna support this man all the way. X is different cause he feels shit, like he said. Everyone's just mad he's not rapping bout the hood and strippers, so when they're bumping to him they'll seem soft. Personally i think it's a good message, its just hard for someone like him to get it across in a way that doesn't come off as racist after all these other rappers have made such a storm about the "black community" dominating rap. Everyone's human it's time for people to start acting like that.

  5. Great guy! He beat up his 8 month pregnant girlfriend! Cause she was singing to a song from another guy! He is a thug n not be anyone's role model, period. DC from Texas

  6. I think he's just trying to drum up publicly for his project. I would do the same thing. "Look at me" is the perfect name for the video, because he's obviously begging for attention by hanging a little boy in the video. The next video he'll be raping a girl to speak out against sexual violence.

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