WSHH Presents “Questions” Outtakes (Season 2 Episode 1: Chicago)

WSHH present the Outtakes of Questions’ Season 2 Episode 1. We find ourselves with a lot of funny clips left on the cutting room of every episode so this season we’ll bring you these hilarious outtakes in between the release of each new episode!

Executive Producer: @QWorldstar
Hosted By: @DanHilarious
Directed & Created by Sharod Marcus Simpson

Contact: for serious inquiries in regards to this series or to sponsor future episodes.

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  1. the only one fucked up guy was that guy at last . big mike he calls himself. dumbass big doofus can't answer simple questions and then can't even take a joke. stuck up little bitch. arrogant just because he's big. small in the head small in the pants.

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