“Ward’s trainer has offered to work with me, it is an interesting proposal. I asked my manager to find out if all of this is true and under what conditions,” stated former world champion Sergey Kovalev, who responded to Virgil Hunter’s offer to train him and revealed that’s he strongly considering a move up to cruiserweight. Check it out!

Original interview with Virgil Hunter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFLZ18-gfwI


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  • Hunter would end up kicking Kovalev out. Too much bs with him.

  • who tf besides ward has this dude made a devastating body puncher ? all of his newer fighters got kod like berto , khan , fonfara , angulo fuck outta here

  • I've been hoping for Ward and Kovalev to be friends/friendly towards each other….

  • Why would another black man want to train that racist piece of shit?

  • The only one who can help Sergey at this point is Freddy Roach.. I would just stick with JDJ, but if not him Roach. No point in learning defense at this point in his career. Virg is just ruining his camp and trying to prove they are superior.
    Remember, Kov still won the first fight.

  • WTF…. Virgil Hunter is Keyshia Cole's daddy? lmfao… I thought someone was trolling… but when I googled his name she popped up under his children. I remember her looking for her daddy on TV, hahahakfljalfj….

  • John Jackson about to turn into Westbrook. He gone win 3 trainer of the year awards in a row

  • Maybe he can teach Sergey how to duck and come in with his head and punch guys in the dick and hell win like that! Good idea.

  • Khan went to Virgil and GUESS WHAT??? Khan keeps getting hit

  • He's just as bad as kevin durant

  • Kovalev and Hunter/Ward/camp would/will end badly! Guaranteed!

    Let Kovalev continue work with his "superior" Russian conditioning coaches, and others, lol!

    Really can't fathom why Hunter is proposing something so potentially disastrous.

  • Man fawk Virgil hunter overrated trainer

  • Do what you must to better your career.

  • all of virgs fighters lose _ward

  • Kovalev fans eating piles of shit now.

  • Respect to Kovalev for admitting defeat and making peace. That's real. Kovalev fans will be sick though. I hope Hunter trains Kovalev b/c Kovalev body punches would be unstoppable. For Kovalev to join Team Ward that only means that everything Virgil Hunter said leading up to the fights was true. And Kovalev knows it's true too. Damn.

  • ill make him a better fighter at the end of the day

  • he should go with Robert garcia. he's the best trainer out there in my opinion. I remember how he taught an average fighter like maidana to give Mayweather all he could handle. imagine what he could do with Kovalev. P.s Garcia used to be a fighter himself and a world champ

  • The real question is, will he try to sabotage their camp? No matter how you try to view it, he wants revenge against Ward and I can't see this going smoothly, especially after the way that Kovalev's manager spoke about Hunter and Ward.

  • At least that beat down made him humble.

  • why not?

  • that makes sense…

  • Fuck that. He got robbed both fights.

  • J R

    “McGregor has no chance in this fight,” Pacquiao said. “In fact, it could be very boring. … There is no way he will be able to land a meaningful punch on Floyd. How could he? He has no professional experience in boxing.”

  • Kovalev said im tired of getting my ass whipped by ward. i need a change of scenery.

  • he would definitely get some work sparring Andre Ward :

  • fuk that , Virgil better not train that dude..he has a history of being untrainable.. his character is extremely questionable in almost every aspect.

  • look at S..K..trying to be like K.D. …

  • Kovalev would get absolutely FUKT at cruiserweight.

  • Fuck this racist piece of shit let him rott

  • Fuck this racist piece of shit let him rott

  • Even Racist Cracker's know the Best Trainers are Black 😂

  • wtf

  • needs to get rid of kathy duva first

  • This comment is to my real true boxing ones out there.
    Did Virgil hunter say "I will make him into a devastating body punch.👍🏿could you imagine that. What….

  • fucking morons. this total bullshit. this channel is a disgrace. whomever subscribes should be institutionalized.

  • Teach him how to low blow and using dirty tricks elbow blow like how ward fought all this years

  • Hell, KD moved to Golden State Warriors after he and his team got dusted by them last year.  Why not, Kovalev move to be a training partner of Ward?   He can learn so much and become a greater fighter.   I hope he seriously considers it.

  • raw deal for kovalev.. both fights..

  • Kovalev should train with Floyd Sr.

  • This shows which side were the Classy ones all along.

  • Virgil could bring kovalev back to the way he needs to be…Forgetting all the hate that went on there needs to be a change somewhere

  • virgil can teach him how to hit below ander the belt.

  • Cruiserweight is a pretty stacked division now. Kovalev would have a size disadvantage. I have a hard time imagining Kovalev doing well in the Cruiserweight Super 8 tournament. Most of those guys have 76+inch reach and are boiled down heavyweights.

  • kovalev a great fighter though I will always follow his fights both him and Andre Ward they both great warriors who both created great excitement for us, my respect to both of them

  • look people it was a CRIME. in both fights. It wasn't about Kovs flaws he won. it was about broken rules by ward and Toney weaks and first fight the judges that's the truth . Replays of both fights show the fouls . The punch counts videos prove kov out scored in 1st and in the second fight leading up to the low blow fouls. People just won't except the truth . The crimes have taken boxing to skid row .Its really sick and disgusting. How can this b's het any lower , PEOPLE of no truth your ruining boxing and have ruined it for many.

  • went from calling the man a monkey, coward, said you would kill him.. to now wanting to train with that same guy lol. ward beat him alot worse than i thought

  • Sergey doesn't need a new trainer he has beaten ward once he just gotta train as hard as he is because we saw the old andre ward in the second fight so really ward was the bully this time.