‘Wonder Woman’ Continues Pummeling ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ at the Box Office

Wonder Woman’s box office reign continues with the movie is straight up running laps around Superman Man of Steel. Wonder Woman has already passed the $600 million mark worldwide.

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  • 'Girls are better than boyssssssssssssssss'. Guess this is why you need to put bad chicks on your videos to get views.

  • Fuck feminism

  • Hey why don't you make a video on what a huge box office success All Eyez on Me is? HAHAHAHA… Morgan Creek, LT Hutton and Benny Boom fucked up!

  • cool.

  • Wonder women was lame, she didn't even get her wonder boobs out

  • Israeli Zionist terrorist bitch

  • Mo

    wonder woman had everything working against it and it still beats the most famous superhero. it shows that story is more important than anything. also gal gadot is beautiful and charming…. the superman dude is really boring and creepy looking

  • My nigga Black Panther will rape this shit

  • Yeah Gal and Patty Great job Everyone loved the movie

  • The title and quoting sounds feminist of you Complex….. "pummeling"? Who's in charge there pushing this feminist, click-bait agenda? Who's in charge pushing your WorldStar black-on-black Rap beef agenda? No more Emily Oberg?

    Enuff of ya'll…. ((( UNSUBSCRIBED )))!

  • wonder woman kinda sucked

  • They need to make a Starfire movie !

  • But man of steel sucked… Not a surprise it would beat it.

  • dc fucked up the superman movie franchise so many times he dont even count as a superhero anymore

  • Why do feminists need to always put men down to praise themselves?

  • Why are we comparing Wonder Woman to man of steel when Man of steel came out YEARS ago. Why don't we compare Wonder Woman to a film that is also Playing/came out the same time?

  • Fuck Complex

  • ya but It's fucked up y'all paid her $300,000 at least pay her $20 -50m

  • the movie was fucking awesome but fuck feminism

  • better be.. Wonder Woman pummeling Eyez on Me….

  • that shit came out in 2013 who cares

  • I'm waiting for the black panther movie.

  • it fucking sucked

  • Fuck BuzzFeed for lying

  • Amazing movie ! Amazing Actress !! Amaaziiiinngg overall!!

  • MOS > WW

  • kim would make a great wonder woman not gonna lie

  • why wouldn't it do crazy numbers. It's like Obama , it's rare. Females of this generation finally have a super hero movie. I bet older females that hate action hero movies went to see this , even nuns couldn't resist . Also men added numbers too.

  • Just seen Wonder Woman last night, yup.. Loved this dam movie an she is officially the sexiest actress right now….

  • TBH, the movie wasn't that great. THOR, Spider Man 1 and 2, Avengers, and Logan were all better movies.


  • "Pummeling man of steel"? Lmao it's pummeling most SOLO superhero movies always gotta hate on dc movie fuckin wack asf

  • Fuck identity politics and all but this shit was good asf it deserves the success it has gotten.

  • Talk about trying to create a narrative. First are we comparing inflation. Second it mostly threw out worldwide numbers to Only then casually mention MoS u.s. figures as if they were the same. Third there been many superman films (and shows) and MoS was a reboot vs WW was new…think Spiderman and then Amazing Spiderman…if you wonder why latter wasn't as big a success go back to school. And finally most movies make the majority of earnings the first month, something this vid shrugged off as if the opposite.

  • no one cares about DC movie sales tbh, watch the next marvel film top that like it wasnt shit lmfaoo

  • proof that Hollywood knows shit. For years they said black movies don't sell… Get Out. For years they said female superhero movies don't sell!

  • when watching wonderwan: issa meal 😍

  • Until this very moment I have never, in my 38 years on this planet, considered the sex of the director. I have always just thought of them as people. Most of the time they are just names to me.
    Seems like a bunch of sexist B.S. if you ask me. But good on Jenkins of finally making a good D.C. flick.

  • But… but… the movie is fucking TRASH lmao

  • Any new super hero movie will pass Superman release different movies I always feel like D.C only has Superman

  • As an introduction of a superhero, Wonder Woman is just EPIC PERFECTION. Visually stunning, heart pounding musical score. I grew up in the sixties and seventies when comics were really coming into their own, with serious stories and themes and superior artistry. Like most superhero fans, I have seen just about every superhero movie. This is by far the greatest nexus between talent categories I've ever seen. Acting, music, story line, direction, scenery, time period, fashion, etc. With the one exception of the weak CGI at the end, this movie can stand alone as an example of superior movies and movie making. I just don't get tired of watching it or listening to the music.

  • Maybe so but man of steel is the superior movie for me.

  • One of the best movies I've seen