WillThaRapper: Listeners Don’t Want Bars More Intricate than Migos

DC talent Will tha Rapper spoke to VladTV about the importance of versatility as an artist, the up and coming generation of rappers, the death of lyricism, and the Go-Go scene in DC. Will points out that the listener has been complicit in the demise of lyricism: “The younger generation already got accustomed to that new sound,” he says, “I think the farthest they go with lyrics is Migos. Once you start getting more intricate than that it’s like, ‘Ah, you lost me, come on Cassidy.’ They don’t like it, it’s too much.” Watch above.


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  • I remember seeing him at school at wise with his headphones rapping in the hallway idek him but I had a feeling he was gonna be rapping…..PROUD OF YOU BRO‼‼‼‼‼💯💯💯💯💯

  • No one wants bars more intrical than Migos is straight bougie bs

  • Goofy Maryland nigga

  • YPP

    Niggas who like bars dont buy albums or concert tickets. Niggas who like bars will sit on social media all day talking about rappers they dont like and barely mention the rappers do like. So how you expect new artists who are trying to get money to focus on lyrics when they can just go the pop route?

  • Yeah, he's right, the intelligent level of these children is below 0. They are so high and drugged up they can't think above level 0. Prepared for destruction and self annihilation.

  • Don't think shawdie really from D.C.

  • Change ya name g

  • nigga look like the type to take condoms to a family reunion

  • Simple ass.

  • he cud still change his name cuz no one kno whe the fucc he is

  • cool, smart and articulate rapper and nice questions by the interviewer big ups

  • whatever gets me turnt up

  • Sound knowledgeable to me a lot of kids jus wanna dance and smoke #weneedlyricists

  • ppl dont mind being dumb and listening to music that keeps them numb and dumb.

  • Will tha rapper is 100% right

  • Sounds like a smart grounded dude

  • what K.Dot numbers do again? Southern simple niggas want that simple shit.

  • The UK got the lyricists

  • It's funny in R&B I have never heard them say we don't care about a bitch being able to sing. But in this generation of rap it's cool to not be able to spit bars. Trust me if they dudes really had lyrical ability they would use it. These dudes can't rap for real and they know it.

  • Pretty true stuff in the beginning

  • Sadly, he's correct. Most of these young cats don't like lyricism, not even a little bit. Anything that doesn't have a trap beat and autotune is boring to them.

  • Man him and Wale should collaborate, put on for the DMV have a song that is lryically killing shit or Logic, them two are the best bar for bar rappers in the DC area

  • And Chuck Brown from Seat Pleasent, went to Fairmont heights high school in 1960

  • I've only heard 2 Future songs since whenever he started. I don't care for his music at all. It's senseless. I understand people want to move and dance and yeah we need them songs too but MAN I'm on conscious music. The Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper, Jay Elec and more. BUT listen to what you like. I just know Future ain't for me at all.

  • 💪💪💪💪

  • If this was the case, mumble rappers would sell more records. Period.

  • Dude aint deep at all. Anyway escapism rap is cool but when everything is escapism that's not good. Got a whole generation that can't deal with reality.