Will Phil Jackson Return To The Lakers? | First Take | June 28, 2017

Will Cain says we have seen the last of Phil Jackson in the NBA, while John Salley says Jackson will make a return in the future, potentially with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  • Please god no

  • There wont be a mob if he's doing something right. Idiot.

  • F@#$ cain lil bitch ass
    everyone knows someone who they want to SMACK

  • Where the Fuck is Max Kellerman at?

  • Will Cain= Colin Cowherd which isn't a compliment

  • Will Cain the type of dude to slap his own ass during sex

  • Will Cain is a douchebag

  • Problem is Phil wanted Melo gone YEARS ago but Dolan did not want that… So Phil had to resign Melo and build around him when he knew he didn't want him.

  • Donald Trump could be annoying af, then there's Will Cain.

  • So the guy that drafted porzingis and then tried to trade him is the person u want to defend? Really?

  • this white boy us dumb. "I'm not gonna say he did a bad job, I'm not gonna say he did a good job" why say anything then? why open your dumbass mouth?

  • Phil great coach, awful GM. Drafting is easier than actually going out and getting talent to play for you, he got a washed up rose and a Noah wow well done! couldn't get any star player though…

  • Why does will say so many stupid thing bruh. Phil Jackson didn't do anything good.

  • i swear to god if Phil gonna come, my life will be ruined

  • Will Cain is a fool if he doesn't think Phil Jackson wasn't part of the problem!

  • Why does everyone hate will cain? Serious question I'm new to this lol

  • Will "the truth" Cain, you are the GOAT!

    everyone hates hearing the truth b/c truth hurts. I think i might be the only one who can see this clearly.

  • Who's this anal slut between those guys ?

  • Will Cain is the goat

  • i sware first take ask tge stupidest question

  • who is this dude??? not spiderman, but the other dude?? annoying as fuck

  • Will Cain is the new jay mariotti… He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room but is a pseudo intellectual, smug asshole

  • Will Cain tryin hard to be Max Kellerman 😂😂

  • will Cain is right

  • I agree with that last statement

  • This man might as well be saying the people are all wrong about 2 + 2 = 4

  • Will Cain Is WACK

  • What Phil needs to do is return to the lake and fish forever.

  • Will Cain is absolute garbage. Naw Phil isn't the problem we know the owner is. Guess what you can't fire the owner. Phil didn't bring anything to the table and yes he drafted KP but he was also dangling him out there for a trade because he skipped an exit meeting. He alienated the one star attraction New York had and disrespected as I've never seen a star player be disrespected. Phil did not contribute to the Knicks in a positive way and with him gone that's one less piece of trash removed from the pile of trash that is the New York Knicks.

  • hell no

  • Will Cain is so full of shit, I feel bad for his kids to have a sack of shit as a "daddy"

  • I actually kinda like his true point here…..

  • Will Cain is not a new Yorker…. This is why

  • will 100% right


  • Let him return as a coach, if he comes back as a general manager I'll riot.

  • Cassidy > Molly > Jen

  • Clippers need Phil Jackson as our GM

  • how dare that shit for analyst compare Phil Jackson to our lord and savior Sam Hinkie! Blasphemous!

  • No need for him on the Lakers.  Coach Luke  wants an Up Tempo System or what the GSW runs even if it has some Triangle plays. Phil needs to be in a team that is willing to use and willl love the 100% Triangle Offense

  • cain why so stupid? please someone fire that stupid person

  • Nah we good. He might trade our young talents 😂

  • Popovich > Phil Jackson


  • Just because Phil drafted Prozingod (who by the way was only drafted because he fell to them) and frank ntilikina, who has not played a second of an NBA game. Just because he's supposedly building through the draft doesn't mean it'll turn into "trust the process". Will Cain is just stupid. Someone save this video and put this nigga on blast the moment Prozingod gets traded and frank is back in France playing ball.

  • Fillin some more time I see

  • John Sally talking about trigger finger turning into twitter fingers.

  • I don't know who I hate more. Will Cain or Phil Jackson 🤔

  • fuck no lakers dont want him