Will Cain Says ‘No Doubt’ Carmelo Anthony Sabotaged Phil Jackson | First Take | June 30, 2017

Will Cain says there is “no doubt” New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony sabotaged former president Phil Jackson’s vision for the team.

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  1. The Triangle Offense is an outdated offense that was built for the 1980's and 90's….when the illegal defence rules existed. Back then, you couldn't double-team players off the ball, making it much easier to clog up the post.

    You can't blame MELO for not wanting to play in such an inefficient system. He's being smart

  2. Not sure how anyone could disagree. Apparently Phil magically turned into a dumbass.. Knew what he was doing the whole time, just kept seeing resistance at every turn.

  3. What ESPN producer looked at John Salley and said, "This guy is really going to contribute a lot to the show"? He should be fired. What the hell did he even say during this segment? Nothing of value. Will Cain is irritating, but at least he can formulate an argument (whether it's ridiculous or not). Salley can't even put together three consecutive sentences that are on topic.

  4. It's always Melos fault this nigga have done everything he can to stay he's been disrespected way to many times not to mention when you watch the Knicks sometimes it seems he's the only one engaged in the game. and the disrespect continues

  5. Will Cain is the most IGNORANT asshole on ESPN. Clearly has no knowledge of what he is talking about and has no more credibility than a DRUNK in a sports bar.

  6. Phil Jackson sabotaged HIMSELF!!! He has a system that no one in the nba uses, no player wants to be in, and oh yeah… He doesn't want to coach himself. SMH!!! Makes no sense. If it was true that Carmelo did not want to use the triangle then why was it forced on the team. When he gave Carmelo the contract, the team was supposed to be built around Carmelo, not the unicorn who was not even drafted yet. Phil signed Carmelo, then went in a different direction and the Knicks under his management was a horror show. Blame Phil and Dolan. Two ridiculous, arrogant, ignorant, saboteurs of the NY Knicks.

  7. It's not the triangle offense that made kobe and Jordan, they fucking made the offense what it was. This guy fucking sucks at his job. How is he defending an outdated offense and Phil Jackson's crappy executive decisions.

  8. Fucking love Will Cain; he is such a troll that always baits all you fuck heads in the comment section making you bitch and whine to get him fired when in reality you are all paying his bills and putting food on his table by giving him more views and attention. Exactly like what happened with Lavar Ball, you're all beyond pathetic. 😂

  9. The day that Phil Jackson was fired, ESPN should had fired Will Cain too. Melo did nothing but got abused by Phil. Melo trade to the Knicks was Dolan's move (Dolan was so proud of this trade). Phil trying to push Melo out the door would had smacked Dolan right in the head.

  10. Will Cain is a straight up White Supremist! He is accusing Carmelo Anthony a Black Man for sabotaging a White man Phill Jackson. This is the same Phill Jackson who publicly humiliate Carmelo. The sad part is you have a Coon sitting on national TV siding with that racist White Supremist! Carmelo should sue Will Cain racist azz for slander!

  11. Does this guy intentionally try to stay at the wrong side of an arguments everytime or is he actually stupid. ESPN gotta fire his pretentious ass asap.

  12. where are the facts to support what will cain is saying? how would he know if carmelo told porzingis behind closed doors not to support the triangle? how can he know the thought process of a person without them publicly saying it?

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