Will Cain Says ‘No Doubt’ Carmelo Anthony Sabotaged Phil Jackson | First Take | June 30, 2017

Will Cain says there is “no doubt” New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony sabotaged former president Phil Jackson’s vision for the team.

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  • Will Cain hate = Liberal retards

  • what a clown will cain

  • Will Cain try's to sound smart and make great points but he ends sounding stupid

  • Why can't Phil Jackson just admit that there's no one to blame but himself? And yes I agree with pretty much everybody in this comment section, Will Cain dumb AF when it comes to this specific topic.

  • No Phil thought it was about phil.

  • The girl made a better argument than john salley, get salley weak argument ass out of here.

  • I hate when ppl say Melo don't pass the ball. He does pass the Ball but when your teammates can't score then what?? He still the blame

  • Yo shut up you know absolutely nothing about the knicks situation

  • Yo Fire Will Cain, clearly doesnt know what hes talking about

  • 501

    Whats up with all the Will Cain hate? Sure he supplies the opposing view but seriously, ya'll looking for someone to hate and just bcuz he opposes your ideals? Sorry, not good enough. He's good at bringing an opposing take on a subject like he's SUPPOSED to.

    Ya'll been drinking too much Haterade.

    Calm down folks. Calm down.

  • Cain is stupid, he should get fired

  • melo did sabotage phil he refused to play anything other than isomelo he got in kp's ears and he forced ownership to chose. Hes done in the past he did to george karl and he did it to mike dantoni

  • Will Cain is a wannabe Skip Bayless

  • MALO (melo) is a cancer.

  • Will Cain literally has no idea what the fuck he's talking about. Just a guy paid to go on and run his mouth about nothing.

  • Will Cain is stupid as fuck. Anyone in their right mind would "sabotage" Phil Jackson.

  • Will cain is such a fag yea I said it

  • Is Will Caine just pretending to be a dumb ass or is he really that stupid ?

  • The Triangle Offense is an outdated offense that was built for the 1980's and 90's….when the illegal defence rules existed. Back then, you couldn't double-team players off the ball, making it much easier to clog up the post.

    You can't blame MELO for not wanting to play in such an inefficient system. He's being smart

  • I Agree With Will Cain But It Definitely Isnt A One Sided Thing Both Of Em Some Shit

  • All these triggered black Melo cock suckers. A guy tells the truth about a player who is acting like a little child and you think bringing up slaves justifies Melo's actions. Real good sound reasoning (eye roll)

  • fuck can that lying piece of shit!!! you dumb jew!!!

  • I skim through the comments just to see everyone talk shit bout Will Cain 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Not sure how anyone could disagree. Apparently Phil magically turned into a dumbass.. Knew what he was doing the whole time, just kept seeing resistance at every turn.

  • as soon as the tide turned in the playoffs games with melo, he started acting like his shoulder hurt.

  • Melo sucks. He is poisoning that franchise.

  • Phil signed Melo. End of Discussion.

  • Goes on full rant about the triangle next time he talks its not all about the triangle then what the fuck was the mini riot for? #FireWillCain

  • What ESPN producer looked at John Salley and said, "This guy is really going to contribute a lot to the show"? He should be fired. What the hell did he even say during this segment? Nothing of value. Will Cain is irritating, but at least he can formulate an argument (whether it's ridiculous or not). Salley can't even put together three consecutive sentences that are on topic.

  • @Will Cain: NICE PEPSI GMT!!