Will Andre Iguodala Take Less To Remain With Warriors? | The Jump | ESPN

The Jump crew discusses if Andre Iguodala will take less money to remain with the Golden State Warriors or if he should start to look at other teams.

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  • they need iggy for the closing death line-up.

  • Klay Thompson should come to miami with gordan hayward

  • Andre is still good, but its obvious hes on the decline season to season, overpaying him is dumb. GS wont get tied up in bad contracts like the Cavs

  • Everyone but the bay don't want to see the Warriors repeat..keep hating

  • iggy should go to san antonio

  • curry just signed a max deal ..40 million a year………  curry isn't taking any less for iggy…..why should iggy do it now?
    curry would have zero rings without curry……fuck that ….get your money iggy

  • I heard he was meeting with the Kings earlier today. I remember the Kings really wanted to sign him before he signed with Warriors. He took less money to sign with them. Pretty smart move lol

  • What if he went to the Cavs 👀.Just think Ray Allen did it back when he was on the celtics after getting a ring with them

  • if im Iggy i aint taking no fucking pay cuts..he has done everything he wanted and now at the age of 33 take every single penny you can get

  • Iguodala is not a superstar.  Nobody cares how many chips he has, and he's not going to be in any conversations.  Better move on and get as much money as you can.

  • I wouldn't that's stupid. Don't ever take less because you will never get that money back. The NBA is a cutthroat business you take less today and get traded tomorrow.

  • iggy not going no where.!.

  • 3-5

  • RK

    No way in hell he's going to take less, this guy has to pay $25 thousand dollars a month for child support.

  • get ya money Iggy

  • I frankly don't get it. You make millions of dollars, you are winning championships. And yet you want to leave to get more money. Newsflash, you make many millions more than 98% of population will ever see, you'll never have to worry about money. Just show some ambition, man.

  • Scottie got that bass game strong lmao

  • if push comes to shove,i think its better to let Iggy go to make some space for KT's upcoming contract.they got livingston back and they have 2 rookies who looked like can be a good 2 way SF in Bell and Boucher(will take some time).It's inevitable that they can only keep this group intact for so long.

  • nigguadola is the reason they won the finals. Kd, Kyrie, LeBron and curry cancelled each other out. The 3rd person on either team is why they won.

  • let him go and warriors will target rudy gay give chance to others to join superteam

  • Curry should take little less than max like Durant to help keep iguodala

  • let him go… I'm fed up with this discussion, KD already took the back seat for the beginning of free agency and Steph took the supermax deal. You're on a Championship winning team and you're debating on if you should re-sign or not?… if im the owner anybody in the locker that wants to leave and be presented their ring opening night on a bullshit team can GTFOH, spend that cash slow smfh

  • I disagree with the commentator. The fact that even KD, their FINALS MVP, is willing to take a paycut sets an example to the rest of the players the kind of culture that is the Warriors. If anything, Iguodala will take less money if he does indeed decide to resign with the Warriors.

  • Cavs

  • He's an idiot if he doesn't take less he has no offense and not even elite defender anymore. Why go to a mediocre team for a few million dollars when you can get free rings?

  • All Windhorst can comment on is snacks

  • Come. On iggy your brand will never be as good anywhere but here in the warriors

  • They just gave curry $200 million. Man listen, Iggy better go where the money at. He already a champion lol

  • Get scottie off the show. Nigga talks too damn slow pisses me off

  • He should go to the 76ers where it all began

  • Why did Windhorst say Durant put the screws to Joe Lacob by not taking the max? So what if the other Warriors get paid? If Durant takes the max, then he's getting paid the money the others wouldn't be getting. So either way, Lacob is spending the same amount of money. It's just being distributed differently.

  • I think Iggy should stay, however, he does not carry this team like the top guys to where the team is gonna break the bank to keep him if he's making unreasonable demands for money.

  • don't let Iguodala distract you from the fact that Future Fucked Pippen's wife

  • never forget THe CAVS blew a 3-1 deficit.