“I want him just as fast as everybody wants him…we would’ve been fighting two years ago…I been calling this man out…Joshua don’t want to fight me…they on the goal of trying to build this resume…the plans all end with me…I’m around for a long time…I am the best heavyweight of this era,” stated undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who spoke more about a future showdown with undefeated unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Check it out!



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  1. This Guy imbalanced basketball player can yap yap all he wants but without Eddie Hearn , AJ this fight can't happen , he's talking like he's gonna make the offer for the fight to happen 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Right so today you say you always come in peace and are happy for other fighters, would these be the same fighters that you said you wanted to kill in the ring, obviously deontay doesn’t know the difference between shit talking and talking shit, which deontay is a master at the latter, #alabamawindmill

  3. Here is man that didnt beat the man that beat the man has fought 35 fighters from the HW top 50 and claiming he is the best and all roads lead to him gtf out here. He had 29 fights wen he first steped in there were still some sick HW he could have fought that would have solidified his game. Wilder if you lose to Ortiz you fighting carea is done yo. Plus Ortiz hasn't realy fought any one yet at least he can actualy box tho and has a deep history in the game

  4. Actually, you're the one who don't want the fight! All talk. If you really wanted the fight, you wouldn't be asking for the 50-50 you and everybody else knows you can't get! AJ on another financial, class, and numbers level than 2 of you combined. Facts! Do the math!

  5. you been calling a.j out for 2 years? a.j been pro for 4 years ..this dude is delusional..how can a 40-0 champ be calling out and chasing a 20-0..it should be the other way round but because you refuse to fight decent opponent you have to chase a.j when a.j is the one who should be looking up to you and wanting what you got.

  6. Bullshit he has more belts than you LOL and he’s just getting the 4th belt by end of March then after that pretty sure he said he will be after your wbc belt and someone else’s belt to complete his belt collection

  7. Eddie hearn and bellew gave haye the exact same terms of a fight so there should be no controversial comments. . It's up to aj to have the confidence to beat aj so there's no rematch. ..it puts incredible pressure on aj to believe in himself which he doesn't and if he looks bad against Parker like he did verse takam it won't help . wilder might end ajs career with two defeats but if kov can bounce back so can he

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