Why Would Carmelo Anthony Want To Stay With Knicks? | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN

Tony Kornheiser and Frank Isola discuss Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony wanting to stay in New York in order to remain close to his son.

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  • It's not what he wants melo needs to be smart and take a trade are he's gonna end up being embarrassed why stay with a bitch that doesn't want you but you still with her 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • carmelo is loyal to his team like Russell westbrook in okc plus thats his city give dogg mad respect and fuck phil Jackson

  • That's not the right question It should be, why would the Knicks want to keep Melo after he's shown to be a detriment to the team? Should never have signed him to that no trade clause

  • This dude just loves losing

  • Knicks TRASH it don't matter who they have Boston in 4 an don't argue the knicks haven't won a chip since the 70's that ONE RING 💍 😂😂😂😂

  • Carmello just come to the Celtics! We could use you…

  • He can stay in NY if he goes to Brooklyn

  • He's getting money to lose all these games! Plus u can't say no to a lot of millions.

  • Melo is more concerned with being a celebrity in NY like he's some hip hop mogul, rather than winning an NBA championship. He had a chance to leave a few years back but decides to stay with one of the worst franchises in the NBA.

    Melo needs to get his priorities straight.

  • darko was a better pick than melo…he has more rings… and cost 100 millions less… and u didn't leverage ur entire team for him… 4 of the top 5 players have rings.. me lo the only one never went to the finals…

  • Carmelo needs to get his head on straight. You want to stay close to your son and ruib you ur entire NBA career? then get the hell out of the NBA and go find a post office job. just wasting everyone's time staying in NY just to lose. this dudes head is all fucked up.. I understand the situation with his son but rly? All Carmelo wants is the money..lets be honest here. He's satisfied with a college championship and Olympic Gold medals

  • go to the nets than

  • wait a second…. carmelo want to be close to son, but if he is bought out and plays from another time he won't be close to son any way.

  • Uhhhhh because he's getting paid 20+ million a year with no expectations to succeed. Pretty simple really

  • lebron is still the same player he is because he has been surrounded by talent. melo has been a one man team, playing with more than 80 teammates since being a knick and not one of them have average 20+ and i dont think any have been an all star

  • come to the wizards. we got wall, beal, and otto porter

  • Men i gave up on Melo i wanted him so bad to ones in his life win a chip but he obviously doesn't care about that he just wants to retire in NYC and be none as a good player after the NBA

  • I love Melo, my favorite player in the NBA right now.

  • worse contract: Carmelo Anthony or Joakim Noah?

    we keep talking about Carmelo but nobody has mentioned that Joakim Noah signed for 4 yrs and is washed up yet isn't in any real talks of being traded, bought out or cut…..smh

  • Melo should just buy the franchise. Anyway, he's acting like the owner.

  • you don't fucks if melo didn't want to stay in NY Phil wouldn't get fired you jack ass

  • I'm starting to like Frank!!!!

  • talk about the NBA refs cheating the Knicks Frank!!