Who Is Tom Brady’s Biggest Threat To Win MVP? | First Take | June 26, 2017

The First Take crew debates who New England Patriots’ Tom Brady’s biggest threat is to win MVP.

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  • Brady's the GOAT & will probably get his 6th SB & 5th SB MVP!

    Rodger's is awesome & right behind Brady as 2nd best QB in the NFL & if he can win maybe 2 more SBs will be top 5 all-time, maybe tied w/ Elway

    Carr has a bright future & will probably win an MVP or two & win a SB for the Raiders… the Las Vegas Raiders world champs in 3 years

    Cam will have a bounce back year & play like he did two years ago. Panthers won't get to 15-1, but they'll get back to 12-4 & make it to the NFC championship game, but not the SB

    Winston & Mariotta both will be pro bowlers, both win 10-11 games & lead the Bucs & Titans to the playoffs

    But for the MVP, I think they should give it to some third string 350 pound fat slob offensive linemen no one ever heard of just to piss off & fuck with all these ESPN analysts & hosts of these shows who think they're so brilliant when they whine & bitch & complain every day about the same topics.

  • Johnny manziel 😂😂😂hell no

  • TB12 is the best. No debate.
    Carr > Rodgers? You must be high.

  • The patriots paid less than 1 million dollars per win this year to Brady, and he played in twelve regular season games, Green Bay paid more than two million per win to Rodgers. Say what you want about Rodgers but because the salary cap exists Tom Brady will always be better than Rodgers

  • Thank You Will Cain!

  • Brady wouldn't care at all about winning MVP…he has eyes on only one thing

  • Will Cain is the only consistently sane person who comes on ESPN first take max kellerman is a joke and Stephen A Smith is just there to make people laugh

  • Im gonna go with Matt Ryan because he already won it.

  • Look at this cowboys fan boy hating on Aaron Rogers. Aron Rogers to me is the best QB by far, he doesn't have Bill Belichick coaching the team. Bill Belichick can win with anybody he doesn't need Tom. But the packers absolutely need That Baaaaddd Man Aaron Rogers.

  • How about winning season MVP, being a Madden cover and win another Super Bowl ring? Brady's gonna break all CURSES.

  • Brady will win MVP but Ryan will come in 2nd for MVP

  • Tom Brady is in a league of his own right now.

  • tom Brady is so overrated at this point it's starting to become pathetic

  • Aaron rodgers is the real favorite

  • It's AARON ROGERS!!!!

  • Doesn't matter if he wins MVP as long he get that 6 ring this year

  • Quite frankly who cares he's won the award in the past Super Bowl is the biggest prize

  • Dak Prescott and Derick Carr

  • As far as I’m concern will Cain is the worst analyst in espn

  • Aaron Rodgers is more talented. But Tom Brady is more accomplished.

  • what did this scrotum ass bitch ass mother fucker say about Aaron Rodgers, aka the 2nd greatest person alive next to himself

  • this fucking white dude who leeches off max's and steven A's success is talking bullshit again, i will forever now dislike and preach dislike towards any video he is on

  • Matthew stafford

  • JJ Watt

  • wins and championships have more to do with Bill bellicheck then tom brady

  • Eli

  • Derek Carr but if u want me to be honest Aaron Rodgers

  • matt ryan had a higher rating than rodgers, more wins, absolutely rekt his bitchass in the playoffs, but yet he gets no mention lol this show blows balls.

  • Someone else can win regular season mvp. Brady's gonna win super bowl mvp again 😉

  • Eli Manning

  • I'm calling it now pats vs giants in Super Bowl

  • John Salley's glasses are the most polarizing part of this video

  • Will Cain is an idiot. Aaron Rodgers is the best qb in the nfl. He does everything Brady can do but better. Stronger arm, can get out of the pocket, throw on the run, can throw across his body, he can extend plays, can throw running to his left and right accurately, and has a sweeter deep ball. I don't know why this is a discussion. Brady is great, but Aaron Rodgers is the best talent at the position of all time

  • tom brady 37-8 td-int ratio. 2017-2018 season… my prediction

  • Arron Rogers talent. Tom Brady has better work ethic because he doesn't have the pure talent as Rogers and that's why tb12 is the goat. he had to work for it.

  • that bad man Aaron Rodgers! the most TALENTED QB in the league

  • MJ > NFL

  • The hilarious point about Tom Brady is this. Who in ANY code of football i.e Soccer Rugby League Rugby Union NFL et al.. OR even the NBA ……who has ever been a DOMINANT player at Brady's advance age??? If there is no answer to this question – and I cannot name anyone else at 40-41 years of age in ANY CODE – it means Brady has some buried away secret or special way of life that NOBODY else across the planet in any code of football around the world has ever been able to duplicate. That really should be the topic surrounding Brady as it was with Lance Armstrong winning 7 consecutive TDFs and he could easily have won 9-10 consecutive TDFs thus DOUBLING what every other rider was capable of achieving. Brady even gets straight up off the ground after being hammered in tackles a fact that should make people even more inquisitive about why is Brady – a 6th Rd Draft Pick at 40-41 years of age – so resilient and so special at such an advanced age???

  • Rodgers will win it. I don't know what the hell this dude is talking about he is the best quarterback of all time imo.

  • tom brady wont b mvp. only because the way the patriots prepare for each game. its different every game. one game he throws for 500 yards. another he barely throws due to opponents weak rush defense. regular season mvp is based on stats. i think he would rather b super bowl mvp then regular season mvp