Which Avenger is Going to Die?! | Caught Up w/ Natalia Perez

Natalia guesses which of the Avengers she thinks is going to die in the upcoming Marvel movie, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’!


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  1. Vision is definitely dying due to the mind stone being embedded on his forehead and even the trailer shows him being pinned down by one of the 4 horsemen. Drax has an epic fight with Thanos in the comics, so maybe they will show that scene and he meets his demise? Thor looks like the most valid candidate since he has lost nearly everything, including his eye. Not to mention that he is shown having his head crushed in the trailer. Iron Man just started the new Avengers with Spiderman and the rest of the crew, and based on Scarlett Witches reveal, Iron Man saw everyone dead, and perhaps it might be his fault someone dies, just how its semi implied in the trailer when Iron Man is mourning and appears to be holding someones arm. Captain America is my second choice because I think his contract is up, and in the MCU his arc is kinda over. This would mean that Falcon assumes the position of the new Cap America as well. War Machine is paralyzed, so maybe he gets caught off guard? Maybe they all die in the first movie, except Dr. Strange and he uses the time stone to go back in time and make a new strategy? Disney is closer to buying Xmen and Fantastic4 rights, and if they do, then maybe multiple og MCU heroes die to bring in the new wave.

    TL/DR – Cap America probably dies instead of Iron Man. If Disney buys the rights for xmen and Fantastic4, maybe multiple heroes die. Dont destroy me, its just a theory….A film theory 😉

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