Where Is Roger Goodell In Eli Manning Memorabilia Fraud Scandal? | First Take | June 30, 2017

Damien Woody joins First Take to talk about Roger Goodell’s absence in New York Giants QB Eli Manning’s fraud scandal involving fake memorabilia.

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  1. It pisses me off all these ungrateful Pats fans are bitching and have a victim complex even though they won the championship. Bitch, no one gives two shits or feels bad because your beloved Brady got suspended or that Goodell was mean to your team. You still won a Lombardi in the end so the fuck does it matter. Ungrateful assholes.

  2. Wow. First Gomers sexual assault of that poor female Tennessee trainer, his HGH use (oh right, they were for his wife, nevermind, wink wink) and shitty pizza sponsors and now eLi's scamming thousands of dollars from his own fans? Quite a greedy, shady bunch those Mannings…

  3. Deflating footballs is far less worse than cheating people out of their money by selling knockoff product to fans. That's a criminal offense. How they kept it under wrap for this long is astonishing. I'm not a fan of either team, but if I paid a grip for something I thought was authentic and found out otherwise, I would be looking to hurt someone. Roger Goodell is a hypocrite. I been saying that for years.

  4. Lol the integrity left the game of football when the New England Patriots cheated to win superbowls in the early 2000s. Bill should have been fired. Robert Kraft shouldn't have been allowed to own a football team and every coach and assistant coach should have been fired. They should have been penalized with taking away draft picks too. Stripped of their Lombardi trophies. What they did desecrated the game forever. Now it just pisses everyone off to see their cheating asses have success because they shouldn't even be their. If Eli did that shit, shame on him. But the only thing he's hurting is himself. Not football. Like wtf do the giants have to do with this? Why would the league give a fuck about the Giants in this situation? Fuck Eli Manning if he did that. He should be suspended from play for at least a season for fucking that fan over like that. But hurting the giants over this shit doesn't make sense. I'm a steeler fan. Fuck the cheating ass Patriots too.

  5. I hate the Giants but this has nothing to do with an actual game. Tom Brady cheated once (and probably multiple times) with the deflated footballs. Eli should be suspended for 1-2 games but don't even compare this to cheating. And for the record, I'm not a Tom Brady hater (he is the GOAT). But I'm not a Tom Brady nuthugger either.

  6. Patriots have won two SBs since the Giants last beat them and yet Eli still has their fans heated and martyred.
    Some of y'all going to commit that if he somehow does it a third time before he retires.

  7. I'm not playing down a fraud case, but you can't compare that to deflate gate, simply for the fact that deflate took part during games and it can very well alter the results of those matches. Whereas this has nothing to do with game results. if Eli is guilty, I hope gets justice served. Woody is just being a butt-hurt former Patriot.

  8. Everything haaaaaas to involve the Patriots right??? Problem is, there's no real way to liken some memorabilia mishap to actually cheating in order to win a game on the field of play. I swear. Pats fans will see someone roll passed a stop sign and use it to excuse spygate

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