WHEN YOU SAY “NO” TO A GIRL…ft. Swoozie, Matt Santoro

Rejection isn’t something we women are used to. I think it builds character? lol
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Matt Santoro:

Filmed by: Jeremy Lee



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  1. Very Cool, that was funny, I like the dress though I wonder if I was there if the conversation would have been different, I imagine I would have been like…
    Simmi: Oh no I couldn't get it!
    Me: I could get us in because SkyWalker is like Visa…accepted everywhere.
    Simmi: I feel bad!
    Me: You wanna go home…let's go home.
    Simmi: O.k.
    Me: There I will get you out those clothes, unzip that dress, let it fall to the ground, admire the good for a minutes, I'll undress slowly ok then I will tote you over to the bed then I'll remove what ever else you have on o.k, we'll get buck naked in the sheets and I'll make you scream expletives in Punjabi, you still know Punjabi?
    Simmi: Jana do!
    Me: What ever, let's leave!
    The End.

  2. Loved this! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ She went from ok, to kind of ok, to crying. Why did Matt have to pile on at the end tho? πŸ“‹βœοΈπŸš« This was Amazing Simmi! ❀️ 🀣

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