What Will Celtics Receive If They Trade No. 1 Pick To 76ers? | SC6 | June 16, 2017

Zach Lowe joins SC6 to share his thoughts on the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers in trade talks for the No. 1 pick of the 2017 NBA Draft, and what the Celtics would receive if the trade comes to fruition.

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  • Nigga if Celtics get Jackson than lakers picking Fultz , sixers can keep lonzo lol

  • The Celtics need a centre and an impact wing player. They don't need a point guard. So including Okafor in the trade would make sense, he can become really really good at Boston. If they get the 3rd pick along with Okafor, they should only go for Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum, even if Lonzo is available. Lonzo is not a good fit for the Celtics at all. Looking at history, usually one of the top two picks become a bust or don't fulfill their potential. So that is another reason it will be good to trade their No.1 pick because there is no dynasty changing player in this draft. If they get the 3rd pick they could trade it to try and acquire Jimmy Butler by also using two of their three 2017 2nd round picks, their 1st round 2018 pick and Terry Rozier. So in this scenario, it could be that the Bulls get Josh Jackson, Terry Rozier, two 2017 2nd picks and a 2018 1st round pick with the Celtics getting Jimmy Butler.

    If they Celtics don't trade their possible 3rd pick, a starting five of Thomas, Bradley, Jackson, Horford, Okafor would be extremely solid with players like Crowder, Smart and Brown coming on from the bench. If they do trade it they could have a starting five of Thomas, Bradley, Butler, Horford and Okafor which would improve their chances of reaching the playoff finals.

  • Kim

    The only acceptable haul for the Cs would be:
    2017 76ers Pick 3
    2018 Lakers
    2018 76ers
    2019 Kings

  • Suddenly I'm a sixer fan O_O.. But I've always love Imbiid's game.

  • Boston scenario: Boston thought they can still get Jackson in number 3 so they traded their 1st pick to 76ers. 76ers pick Fultz 1st. But lakers pass on Ball and drafted Jackson instead. Now Ball don't want to play as a Celtic so now Boston in stuck with Fox or Tatum at 3. Fans = T_T

  • Fultz was a media driven push to be the best player. It's done every now and then to send certain players to certain teams. Josh Jackson was the #1 player coming out of high school and physically speaking, he still is. Josh would dominate Fultz in a basketball setting. Lock him down on one end and school him on the other.

  • Lonzo Ben and embid trad okfur and picks for a 2 that can really shoot

  • Danny Ainge is a genius.

  • Everyone sleeping on Dennis smith jr. Just wait and see who's rookie of the year

  • ohhh hell nahh danny dont mess this up! A Jimmy Butler o PG will not put us over GS! Maybe a Cleveland but not a GS!

  • BOSTON really don't need the number 1 cuz it's full of talent they must get some ready made talent tho somehow

  • The Celtics are gonna mess this up. You've seen Paul George and Jimmy butler get destroyed by LeBron and his cavs, adding one of them won't make you better than the cavs. Besides that, even if you pull of some miracle on ice shit and beat the cavs, you still gotta beat golden state. Do the smart thing and draft markelle build around him, brown, and next years first round pick. In the future you'll have your golden state. If all goes right of course

  • The smartest things for these teams to do are…
    Celtics: Pick Lonzo and trade him for a superstar (Butler or George)
    Lakers: Pick Jackson (his defense can help LA)
    76ers: Pick Fultz (he, Embiid, and Simmons could be a dangerous big 3)

  • the next gen of basketball is here!!! the Bucks with Gianis and jabari, the wolves with Towns,wiggins and lavine and the 76ers with embiid and simmons also other teams like the lakers,suns…….basketball is going to be so lit in a few years!!

  • From the files of: Who gives a fuck?

  • How about we don't trade the pick and have future dominance. I don't think we'll find a talent like this in the next 3 drafts. I find it stupid to win now when there is juggernaut called the Golden State Warriors and just get swept each year. How about we pull what gsw did with curry and Ellis to see if it works out if not then trade Isaiah. And possibly get many championships in the future than just one.

  • If the U.S. goes to war with Russia, I'll fight for Russia and the preservation of the white race and white culture. White pride. Fuck niggers.

  • I'm a new nba (lakers) fan how philly get both our picks?

  • So the Celtics wanna get Josh Jackson at 3 to go out and trade for a guy who plays in the same position?

  • it's crazy to see the team that I've been watching since 2006 and we won our championship in 2008 and that was it for the big four I know it was big 3 but I would count rondo as a big presence into that team. After they were all traded it also saved the future of the franchise. Hopefully this plan works out

  • guys jaylen brown can play at the 2 position just saying

  • That was a smart move. Boston knows faultz goes 1. And Lakers most likely take ball. So Boston get number there 1 guy and future pick which they can use to get a all star

  • How did the sixers come up on two nice future 1st round unprotected picks? They had no assets to begin with

  • Any Cap Space on those Celtics for Lonzo?

  • imagine boston trades with the future picks for Butler, they get Hayward in free agency and acquire Josh Jackson or Lonzo Ball or Dearon Fox as No.3


  • why does everybody keep saying Boston needs a wing player? what they need is a solid big man because theyre way too small and teams kill them on the boards and in the post

  • Ooga booga, fried chicken good.
    Work bad.