What was the Cosby jury thinking?

Go inside the highly controversial case and see what led to a deadlocked jury for one of America’s most iconic TV dads.


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  • just leave em alone…

  • Because the President gets away with it.. … This shouldn't surprise anyone.

  • can his accusers give us proof? skepticism is key to the justice system and we shouldn't just believe women cause they are women.

  • Nothing but her say so. ON. NOTHING. BUT. HER. SAY. SO!!

  • it's time to leave oj Cosby alone fuck the news fuck the jurors they dumb ne way

  • "What was the Cosby jury thinking?"!! Well ABC, you are not even trying to hide your bigotry anymore are you? Why didn't you ask what was the Philando Castlile jury thinking when they decided to set free a murderer or what was the the Walter Scott jury thinking when they acquitted an animal? But these other cases don't match your sick and twisted racist propaganda so why bother? It is only when a black man is RIGHTLY acquitted that your inner evil beast came out (not that it is ever far anyway) and you literally lose it until you have find a way to appease your turmoil. Your souls are so rotten that no amount of "money, comfort and influence" will ever give you even some semblance of inner peace. I pity you!

  • They were thinking "this "woman" is a lying tramp" and refused to convict an innocent man.

  • The Jurors were thinking these accusers were lying. All of these women changed their stories multiple times and some of their case's were thrown out.

  • Strange Justice

  • How about Trump?

  • he's guilty as hell just like OJ Simpson was!

  • HAHAHHA…FUCK ABC NEWS…FUCK PA. AND NOW BEHOLD THE SUPREMACY COLLECTIVELY SUCKING A LEMON in the shape of a cock…..go do some real news about removing your orange disgracefull pig from power…..all MEDIA IS A TAINTED/RACIST/PRE-DETERMINED LIE HEYYY HEYYY HEYYYYYYY…FUCK YOU

  • What was the jury in the philando Castillo case thinking?

  • The woman said Cosby gave her 3 blue pills, now ABC saying she didn't know what cosby gave her. Fuck out of here with your bias reporting

  • A retrial ?. What is the prosecutor planning do ?. Ensure that its an all white jury ?. Stop wasting time and taxpayer money.

  • We have to have faith in our judicial system and trust that justice has been served. Isn't that what we told Philando Castile's family?

  • go to jail!!!!!!


  • good happy

  • This sounds like fake news when another juror told the associated press that they were split down the middle. Said 10-2 at one point, but was split evenly at the end after jurors changed their minds.

  • retrying Bill Cosby is a waste of time and money because there's no case now and there still isn't going to be a case in the future. So white people that still have hard feelings towards Bill Cosby need to except the outcome of the Bill Cosby case and forgive Bill Cosby so yall can move on with yall lives and not have all that bitterness and anger in yall hearts towards Bill Cosby.

  • This whole charade of a case reminds me of another black celeb icon—Michael Jackson. both these men have been tainted in ways that cannot be described!

  • This is America in it finest; they make you a champion, famous, big celebrity, wants to be part of your success, want money from your philanthropy works, then when they cannot have some of (THE YOU), they will come up with stories that would tarnish your character for life. These stories have been heard of many times. For me the African Americans are the worse, ( I am a black woman), so I know the hell. NOBODY WON this trial and so keep on moving please. What the Cosby jury thought was the right thing to think, not guilty. PERIOD.

  • Trump sucks Putin's Cock!!!

  • This is all bullshit. Why didn't these females speak up back then. I don't care what no one says back then a white woman crys rape by a black man and his career would be over and he be locked up. People would of said Cosby who.

  • black folks playing the race card

  • Free Cosby!!!! Fuck them lying bitches tryin to tear a black man down. If the glove don't fit you must acquit !