What Ultimately Reveals Real MVP? | First Take | June 26, 2017

First Take debates what factors ultimately reveal who the real MVP should be, including how fair that person can take their team.

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  • to anyone that knows a single thing about ball, LeBron is the most valuable player in the league. but the mvp award sadly isn't about that. It's about who had the best season. It should be renamed !!@@

  • not even a word for Kawhi smh…

  • not even a word for Kawhi smh…

  • ok the dumbass makes a little sense here but he still a fool

  • MVP actually means how you effect your team in a good way, not how many points you score…so lebron taking the cavs to the finals 3 years in a row shows he is the best. He's truly the MVP every year. Cavs would be terrible without him

  • People says Westbrook has no supporting cast Harden makes his cast better without him that team wouldn't make any sense but the thunder could be a good supporting cast if Westbrook doesn't stat pad . DONT @ ME

  • Westbrook is MVP

  • The definition of an NBA most valuable player is the player who contributed most to their teams individual success harden, Westbrook, and lebron mean ALOT to their team but I feel that Westbrook should win it because it's regular season MVP not regular season and playoff MVP they don't usually wait this long anyway to give out the awards

  • This probably one of the dumbest comments about the MVP conversation that I've ever heard, there is 3 candidates for MVP (Leonard, harden, Westbrook) yet they don't really don't give a clear answer, they say lebron should get it but leBrons not a candidate!! He didn't average a triple, he's not the best defender in the Nba god I wish I could go on that show and slap the hell outta them.

  • If harden doesn't win it this year u can make a case he has been robbed of 2 MVP awards

  • Leonard proved he's the most valuable by getting injured by warriors and the spurs blowing a 23 point lead and losing 4-0 . Just because harden and Westbrook have a nice cute stat sheet it doesn't mean he's the most valuable player

  • this dude said lebron lol what a dick rider when the whole league has been debating harden or Westbrook and that was obviously the question

  • this nigga is dumb af

  • harden has a way better cast than russ thts y they were the 3rd seed n lebron in 07 was in the east cmon man


  • N V

    I hope Kawhi get all 2nd, some 1st and 3rd votes and wins this shit.

  • Brodie needs to win MVP if he doesn't just woooow

  • This white dude is fucking annoying

  • if post season counted for mvp lebron would have 8 mvp's. FACTS !

  • Its kawhi I dont even wanna hear it

  • the fact that kawhi is top 3 in in mvp and dpoy should tell you something.

  • Where is Steven and max? I don't like these ppl

  • "take the playoffs seriously", then forgets kawhi leonard… seriously he was destroying warriors until he got injured. Then the spurs died

  • lol will cain talking about how far a player can take their team? lead warriors by 30 and 23 when kawhi got hurt? even though cavs got 49 in 1st quarter they only led by 15-20. spurs win if zaza didnt cheap shot kawhi.

  • Harden deserves it, Westbrook is a sixth seed who has nothing going for him. stfu about triple doubles. Harden in 2015 got a great stat line but not enough wins. now he's gonna lose with more wins but not a good stat line. fuck all the Westbrook dick eaters

  • harden had a cast of better players

  • DTP

    Will Cain is such an idiot. Westbrooks second best player was who? Kanter? Oladipo and Steven Adams were terrible this year. Replace Westbrook with LeBron, and Westbrook is going to the finals. The team aspect in MVP voting is honestly so stupid.

  • you need someone efficent,plays both sides of the court and wins games. kawhi is the true mvp.

  • No one can take okc farther than where Westbrook took them

  • Please stop talking about the playoffs. Voting was done before the playoffs started. Playoffs had ZERO EFFECT.

  • Kawhi is the MVP less turn overs, more wins, he shoot a good percentage, plays defense and offense like a God and he's one of the most clutches dude in the NBA right now I don't know about y'all but he's my mvp

  • Why do these people not talk about kawhi? He is so underrated right now and when he got injured against the Warriors, the Spurs got swept and that is the definition of a mvp

  • nah its not always lebron james, he's definitely able to be the best or one of the best consistently throughout his whole career but the cavs dont need him to be a top seed in the east

  • Y'all are talking about Westbrook and Harden and how far they took them. And how valuable you are to the team. Leonard took the Spurs further than both of them did and when Leonard gets injured, it shows how effect he Is towards the teams ability to win.

  • KOD

    42% shooter, Highest turn over ever, Highest usuage ever.. Zero defence and win MVP..

  • Hang on, the MVP is a regular season award…

  • defensive player of the Year is bullshit kawhi had durant on lock

  • It’s because it’s a regular season award get off lebron dick he didn’t win the finals as well so he is a loser like Westbrook

  • since westbrook got his can we finally strip steve nash of his and give em to kobe