What to do in a ‘road rage’ situation

Colorado State Patrol Capt. Jeff Goodwin shares potentially life-saving tips for drivers as millions hit the road this holiday weekend.


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  • ok the thing is if the person is white and road raging at me. I fear for my life because white people/americans love thier guns and can pull it out at any second. if the person is black/mexican , i laugh it off and try to handle the situation the best i can because i know that they wont try to kill me over something so small as road rage.

  • How about don't drive like an idiot and use the fast lanes as such, merge to meet the speed of traffic, and then people won't be so crazy and rage…And ALWAYS pay Attention of course.

  • I blame GTA5

  • Driving unleashes an ancient mammal instinct in humans. We are pack mammals at our genetic core. Pack mammals run in packs, this is why you always want to 'get in front' of EVERYONE in front of you(driving in packs). 'Being in front' means you are the alpha.
    In primal times(for humans), this would have given you two things, one: the first portion of food, second: the first choice of a mate.

    Here is the interesting part. In mammals that run in packs(today's wild animals), while they are running, if say 'the 4th in line' tries to 'get in front of' the 3rd in line, the whole pack stops and the two mammals fight to the death over the 3 spot.

  • Younger people get frustrated more easily. Impatience leads to irrational decisions and that along with the fact that the younger you are the more likely you are to put yourself in risky situations.


  • 2:25 very sneaky peaky peak

  • of anyone road rages me I'm catching a body

  • If you're going to pass someone, make the damn pass and get back over. If you want to stay in the left lane, match the speed everyone else is at in that lane. Don't care if they're all going 85mph, if you want to jump into the passing lane in between 2 cars doing 85, then do 85. If not, then stay the hell out of the hammer lane.

  • But I can't help it … I have to win!!!

  • How about get my gun ready to shoot the other asshole with a gun.

  • if you stay in your car in Nevada and someone is threatening you can legally shoot the SOB, that is why it is important in Nevada not to get out of your car at a light and approach another vehicle in a rage…. it is a set up to wake up old bess

  • Just chill the fuck out fagots

  • And that's why we need to go to Mars.

  • That report sucked.

    Here is what you do to avoid road rage. Get lots of sleep at night. If you are supposed to be on medication for your mental health problems, keep taking it on time. Under no circumstance do you ever give someone the finger. If you are going to use your horn, give it a slight bump, only after you have tried moving your car forward behind some dumbass who is busy tweeting. Only lay on the horn when you are several cars back, so the dumbfucker holding up traffic doesn't know which one to pop off at. If some dumb mutha fucka is foolish enough to approach your car, get your weapon ready to fuck him up! Most of all, drive like a civilized human being. The roadways are not your personal race track. Allow others to get in your lane, if their lane is ending. Don't brake-check someone following too close behind you. Move the fuck out of their way, or speed the fuck up. The Left lane is not for driving Ms. Daisy… If you are not right in the head because of some drama in your life… get over it before you get into your ride.

  • That makes it even worse if almost anyone can get road rage. People need to know that driving is a privilege not a right

  • I remember me and my husband were taking a road trip through the midwest and up to Oregon.

    While we were driving, minding our own business, there were two men in a large truck who looked pissed off as hell and were yelling and pointing at us. The looks on their faces were pure rage and they looked like they were yelling at the top of their lungs. We had never seen them or their car before and we had just recently stopped at a wash/rest stop.

    I looked at the guy closest to my window and I visibly shrugged. This only seemed to piss him off even more as he started banging on his dashboard like a lunatic.
    They eventually just sped away while the driver began pointing in the distance.

    To this day, I have absolutely no idea what they wanted. It did make me a bit leery of the mid-west though. Lots of nutters out there. We ran into a few more weirdos, but these two particular weirdos that we had never seen before in our lives were treating us like we stole their baby.

  • Carry a wooden sword and a pellet gun every where I go=)

  • Another useless piece of garbage from ABC News.

  • this goes to all bikers out there.