What Otto Warmbier’s tour through North Korea was like: Part 1

Otto Warmbier, who was from Wyoming, Ohio, went to the University of Virginia and traveled to Asia.


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  • 2:45 "He was never afraid of anything."

    He sure wasn't afraid to steal that poster.

  • Otto's mistake was being an individual. No individuals allowed ( except Porky Pig Jan UUUN) in this Jonestown Nation

  • I don't think they meant for him to die. It's too bad. He paid I high price for his disrespect. When "white privilege" goes wrong, or (when white affirmative action goes wrong) shit gets real. And it's happening more and more often. White mothers, the best thing you can do for your sons is to raise them to know how to cope in a multicultural world. Otherwise they are either going to be shooting up a movie theater, hurt by someone they disrespected, or spend their life in your garage.

  • I feel bad for Otto. But if after this any other young'un goes to NK and ends up dead,   I can only assume they were a guilty white liberal with a Christ complex and sacrificed themselves so that self-loathing whites and proud folks of various Brilliant Crayola crayon colors can feel righteous.

  • For the love of god (though I'm agnostic), why do people so eagerly believe North Korea?  A darkened video, a possibly coerced confession under the heavy gaze of a parallel world that  has a rep for arresting foreigners as political pawns.  Black man beaten by a cop, I'm sure you won't automatically believe the cop.  But a naïve white boy visits the trustworthy, warm and fuzzy wonderland that is North Korea and suddenly….

  • I really don't know what he expected to happen when he went to another country and committed a crime.

  • He was clearly tortured and died because of the physical damage, or perhaps he tried to take his own life because of the mental damage. Regardless, this is murder.

    On a side note, I'm interested in the real story of how our CIA, State Department and perhaps paramilitary were able to get him out of DPRK. I doubt it was as simple as ask and you shall receive. Just to get the information that he was in a hospital required a great deal of effort and skill from our intelligence assets.

    War is terrible, but you have to worry about the consequences of a DPRK with the means to kill millions of Americans. They're on their way to that capability. Strike now or strike never. The key is to get China on board, as well as our allies. Fighting DPRK will be extremely costly, so much so China could be opportunistic and topple us while we're in a weakened state. Imperial Japan in the 1940's was far less a threat than China is to us today in terms of their capability compared to ours. As is, we've had almost two decades of economic stagnation. Our R&D investment has disappeared and our military has downsized considerably. As we saw in WWII, unprovoked nations will attack if they see a vulnerability in the top dog. As is, we've nearly returned to a bipolar Cold-War-like international relations system. But, sitting here naively and allowing DPRK to get the long-range ballistic missile they're dying to use on the USA is practically a death wish. It's up to the American people to educate themselves and be rational.


  • Commentator quoted the Eagles at the end lol

  • us always meddling in other country affairs. meanwhile the us kills people of color

  • why do americans go to other countries and steal and vadalize things? why do they go to other countries to party but yet shout and chant "build the wall" ? why do they go to toher countries and disrespect their rules and culture? and why oh why do americans go and disrespect and fool around in the forbbidden and very dangerous country of north korea where doing anything stupid can get you killed? americans are the only people who think theyre entitled to do whatever they want in other countries who are not their home! everyone in the whole world knows not to mess AT ALL with north korea!

  • Was the rules to follow can't you tell he was set up stupid

  • we have to bomb these commies into hell before its too late wake up people

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  • Why do any Americans go to North Korea when it's widely known that we are enemies. Then people go cry about friends or family members being held prisoner there and expect someone to get them out. Nope. If you're stupid enough to willingly go to a country that hates you, you're on your own. If you want to tempt fate then accept the consequences.

  • 1 like = respect to Otto

  • People need to stop going to this country. The state dept already needs to ban the travel of ordinary citizens here. This kid did not deserve this but if you're in this country you have to follow their laws no matter how outlandish they are to us. If they want you to breath a certain way then you do it. And if that wasn't him stealing the poster and he was setup then N. Korea needs to pay dearly for this. Me personally I'd rather see my own country first than go to a hellhole like this place….rip Otto…..I hope you are avenged one day!!!!!

  • omg, this is horrible

  • 2:28 is fucking creepy.