What happened when Otto Warmbier was detained in North Korea: Part 2

Officials in North Korea say Warmbier took a poster down from a staff-only floor of the hotel he was staying in.


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  • Just follow their rules and regulations. Americans are idiot

  • now you will steal propaganda posters in hell 😂😂😂
    long live DPRK

  • they spy on tourists so they can whatever they want to you. that fucking CIA analyst bimbo doesn't know shit.

  • G.

    No sympathy for a dumbass who got what he deserved.

  • Damn, DPRK, lock your doors! New travel destination for every naive kid from the US: NK, Yanggakdo International Hotel, 5th floor. It's basically like a daring people to try getting there now. Why can't people just resist a dare?

  • Why would north Korea imprison him, make him repeat their phrases and propaganda and then send him back dying and a vegetable to keep him from talking? Did they have a fear of him telling people of the forced confession or was it to do with outsiders knowing to much about their prisons or something else, Did he really just steal a useless propaganda poster or was their another reason or another message or something they wanted hidden and how long has Korea been doing experiments on their prisoners. That fact that they treat their prisoners this way suggests that Korea may be doing medical experiments to some extent on their people if true. Do you think it was chemical related brain damage or something else? Certain type of brain scanning devices can result in brain damage, any scar tissue or puncture marks? was he tortured? I am not going to visit Korea.

  • learn to respect other law of the land in this world is the most important while you're outside US .

  • Why would you go to North Korea? It's not myrtle beach. You don't go there for a little vacay. It's a completely different world run by brainwashed maniacs, who hate Americans where even their citizens don't have rights. I mean I don't want anyone to die…but seems like this guy made very poor decisions.

  • usa should do something about this

  • The trial was for the N.Korean people – Propaganda

    +1 ABC

  • That dumb Brit shouldn't have said that as they took him away.

  • Travel to North Korea they said, It will be fun they said….

  • Poor BASTARD

  • Otto have a warm beer

  • 7:40 They pulled him right into the door, you already know they are kicking his ass. Smdh.

  • for fuck sake American media is always looking to blame someone else for stupid actions , it's time to admit responsibility

  • I wonder where the secret room that lets you be John Malkovich is on the short fifth floor.

  • He was in a coma and his body was sent back to USA…he had a piece of his brain missing in the autopsy…

  • I feel so bad for OTTO, just imagine being in his shoes, sorrounded by these North Korean
    Military, he must be sooo,, scared b/cuz these people are not known for their Civility, or kindness, and whatever he had done, stealing a poster on the wall, or whatever… does not jjustify the treatment that he had gotten fron these people.

    May I add, that their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Yun, being a Young Man himself, educated
    in Switzerlland, exposed to Western Culture, knows that Otto and his friends, are just being
    young , having a harmless fun, it should be `NO BIG DEAL` anyway, they spend US Dollars in his Country, which he need badly, should have let it pass… and he should have intervened, If he had , Otto would be alive today and Otto could have been the person who would change the world `s wrong perception of him, and him and his Country would seriously reaped great rewards for saving his life. Too bad for Mr. Kim Jon Yung , he missed that chance !

    What a real sad ending … My deepest sympathy and condolence to OTTO`S parents
    May God give both of them the strength and good health to withstands this very sad and difficult time in their life. Our prayers are with you and your Family.

    May OTTO Rest in Peace ! May God be with you always, Otto,

  • Idiot should not have gone on the 5th floor. When you are a guest in someone country, behave yourself!

  • That video they had doesn't look at all like Otto. How could that be evidence? That could of been anyone. I wonder if it was found in his luggage or on his person? I think it was planted after the fact. Probably stolen by a North Korean.

  • uuhhh, if you are an American DON'T go to NK unless you want to die. If you do go do not cry about it when they kill you.


  • North korea bustard

  • Rip Otto Warmbier

  • i don't believe that he ripped a poster of the wall.

  • dude was waaaay too tall in that grainy video

  • id want proof of both the poster and that his finger prints were on it.

  • Yes, I'm stupid but I'm loyal & I wouldn't leave him like that. He should have stayed to see what happened to him & where he was incarcerated. The video said they spent months trying to find out what happened to him. Then he should have gone to a neutral embassy (Germany, Brazil, China, Czech etc all have embassies in N Korea.) as well as all his contacts there to establish some kind of link, no matter how tenuous, to visit & keep contact & monitor his condition. If someone could be bribed so Otto could at least be visited by a sympathetic person periodically that would help. Then he could come back & tell the parents & international community what happened. What he did was the equivalent of me taking you deep sea fishing, you falling out of the boat and I thinking "oh, you're a good swimmer, I'll meet you back at the docks". When the Italian cruise liner capsized several passengers died but the Captain escaped. He was sent to prison for it. Taking people abroad to dangerous lands and advertising it as 'safe' invites a lot of responsibility. I wouldn't have left him there like that just like I wouldn't leave you in the ocean if you fell out the boat. Why? Because I am stupid. God forgive me.Siempre fi

  • how did the north koreans know that the person stealing the propoganda poster was otto? The cctv video seems to be very unclear with a very low resolution.

  • you know North Korea hate America and they wish destruction to it!! so as a American why would you go to North Korea just to fucking steal a banner!! that's the stupidest thing ever!!! white people love doing dumb things.. smh

  • Otto Dindunuffin

  • kill King Sung un

  • no white privilege in north korea

  • I guess its just a coincidence that Otto Warmbier was charged with supposed theft only one week after President Obama signed an executive order for tough new sanctions on North Korea relating to alleged nuclear tests carried out that January, and a ballistic missile test the following day.

    I mean so many foreigners that have gone there since have been arrested for various crimes three weeks after having gone missing.

    Except they haven't, because there is no fucking proof that Otto did any such thing, otherwise we wouldn't be given some blurry censored out video.
    But of course lets blame the college kid and not the brutal regime that operates concentration camps in the 21st century.


  • Y'all complaining that getting 15 years for stealing a poster is fucked up but Stanford rapist Brock Turner only gets 6 months for raping an unconscious woman? Okay…