In this clip of the Westerbros podcast the geek, tv and film podcast from the Loud Speakers Network, stand up comedian Andrew Schulz is joined by three bros to review Netflix’s Bright.



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  1. bright was good I think jus old white people didn't like it..fuck the critics if it ain't some love boring sap movie or from a certain director they always trash it

  2. Absolutely enjoyed this movie. I would pay to watch it in theaters BUT I wouldn't go watch if I had to pay for two tickets and concessions.lol Great matinee movie for two. that's it. I loved that they make you think about how some people are treated unfairly then boom, you can compare it to real life.

  3. I feel like a lot of people have soured on Will Smith but aren’t honest with themselves about it. The way this movie was shit on was ridiculous. It’s a solid 7/10 at the very least.
    Would’ve been amazing as a series tho.

  4. If you don't watch movies with cohesion in narrative then sure this was 🔥. it was mediocre as a Good movie..I watch content that builds narrative and plot in variety and if you do the same you can understand and empathize with WHY THIS MOVIE WAS GOLDEN SHITE
    Gold is good but the shite though…smh

  5. I heard the strong hate for this movie so I didn’t bother, but one day was like “fuck it I like will smith, I’ll watch it”, but it was a cool movie, it was trying to be training day/lord of the rings badly at times but over all I liked it a lot, and would see a sequel.

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