In this episode of the Westerbros podcast from the Loud Speakers Network, stand up comedian Andrew Schulz is joined by three of his good friends to review Black Mirror Season 4 from Netflix.



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  1. The Entire History of You, White Bear, Playtest and Black Museum are my favorite episodes. This season they expanded the story arch from the typical depressing ending. This season was good if you go into it open minded and not expecting the regular Black Mirror formula.

  2. How can you guys forget to mention that, at the end of "black museum" episode, they reveal that the moms consciousness was in the main character all along, and that her actions were driven buy her moms consciousness the whole episode.

  3. Hey guys this audio is kinda annoying. Im trying to listen to this but the guys on the left are kinda low and then andrew is all super loud. Im trying to listen to it in my kitchen but trying for my roommates to not hear it from thier rooms.

  4. black museum is by far the best episode of the season. yall niggas buggin. hang the dj second. the first episode third. make sure u watch the whole season before u critique andrew

  5. WARNING: the first 40 minutes of this review is 3 dudes( Andrew and the two bald guys) doing a whole shtick and one guy waiting for them to actually start having intellectual discussions, It gets good once they get It out of their system

  6. Hey make sure you guys are more mindful of when you lean away from the mic. There was a few times where someone did it and I had no idea wtf u guys were talking about. Also try to stay consistent in the audio. Otherwise good shit!

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