In this clip of the Westerbros podcast from the Loud Speakers Network stand up comedian Andrew Schulz is joined by three of his friends to review the first episode of the new season of Black Mirror from Netflix.



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  1. I don't get why you guys are making him seem like this evil villain. He's basically the architect of the company. how could you not see that? In ACTUAL REAL LIFE H3 WAS THE GOOD GUY. The new chic really LIKED HIM(until she was told NOT TO LIKE HIM)…. In real life he was slighted, unappreciated, undermine, and mistreated. He wasn't really a villain to me, in REAL LIFE the co-boss was the real creep. I laughed my ass off when he slapped his bald spot before walking out of his office. He was a piece of shit.

  2. 10:38 ppl really dont like him so they probaly aremt gonna look for him um alsohe was a jerk to the pizza guy n turned on the do not disturb sign so that would also stop most ppl entering the house meanwhile his brain is either dead cuz it was deleted with his mod of the game… or hes stuck there till his real life body starves. Tho i think a hour in the game is like acouple mins in real life so even if alive for only a week thats like thousands of hours

  3. Loved this season! It was a culmination of all of the technology! It basically gives you a timeline of when everything was introduced via the last few seasons. Example, the dating app is themed throughout most of the episodes and was initially introduced in Playtest. You see it coming up via iterations and you see how the app developed into this simulated reality (think about the gaming giants Callister and the scary gaming company from Season 1 or 2…can’t remember lol)… it’s the same as Archangel and the blurred out “roach” technology from the previous season. It actually made sense because the therapist said it was banned in the UK and eventually it will be in the US…makes me feel like the technology was sold to the government… either way there’s a bunch of these tie-ins. You can’t look at it as it’s own body of work just like when you explore super hero universes. The plots may be the same but there’s a reason. A different perspective of the story or usage of the tech.

  4. I loved that episode. There were definitely some holes in the end, but the overall script was hilarious. I love how black mirror creates these scenarios that make you think about how humans can use technology to manipulate reality at their will. And I don’t care what any of these guys say, nobody wants to be stuck in virtual reality for all eternity w/ the guy that FORCED them their and also happens to be a cruel dictator (that you resent). 21st century Americans will not take loss of freedom that easily.

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