Westbrook’s Dominance A Deterrent To NBA Stars? | The Jump | ESPN

Stephen Jackson thinks players are drawn to Russell Westbrook’s dedication to winning and would be willing to join him in OKC.

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  • Yo

  • Az

    Lol, what dominance? His team is a first round exit

  • imagine westbrook and blake griffin and kyle lowry together

  • Stars dont want to come to a small market team, that's just demonstrated throughout the NBA. People leave small markets, they dont purposely go to them.

    Russ good where he's at, management doesn't need to get another superstar.. They just need to go some solid roleplayers that can make plays when he goes to the bench.

  • Trade Westbrook for Ball, so Lavar will be forced to eat sushi in OKC with this fat ass

  • dumb title

  • Doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

  • did Steven Jackson just say "if" wesbrook had better players, he woud let them shine??…… smh.
    do we need a reminder after just 2 days away from KD leaving him because of this same reason?? helooooo? wat are these people watching?

  • He is a JACK

  • If i'm a star caliber player, OKC is the last team i'm looking to join. This is based off of the small market, the way the thunder (namely westbrook) played last year and better offers elsewhere. Westbrook is a hero baller and a stat chaser, he may seem like he wants to win but if he actually did, he would change his style of play to be more conducive to team basketball. That's what no one seems to get. You can win a championship with one star. He just can't be a ball hog, limited to iso plays and have a habit of jacking up contested shots with teammates open.

  • Dominant? You mean ball dominant. This ballhog dominates nobody but the ball to get his useless stats and meaningless 6th seed MVP lmfao wtf is this vid

  • please get this man some help. or let him walk to the bucks and dominate the east with antetekoumpo

  • westbrook wants to be the man of his team with the monster stats. Exactly the reason why durant left to play with curry, an unselfish team basketball player who doesnt dominate the ball and creates space merely by his presence on the floor

  • dont nobody wanna play with that ballhog

  • Hire me

  • lol "dominance"

  • OKC best chance was with KD, Westbrook and Harden they're done! Westbrook might as well jump ship if he wants a 💍

  • He doesn't think he can win by himself

  • Steven Jackson lost points on this. "If he had better players on his team" bruh he had KD and ibaka. And one time had harden. Stop with the bs, if he can't win with those players he ain't winning PERIOD

  • Blake griffin or Gordon Hayward + 1 or 2 shooters would be the perfect offseason for the thunder, Hayward in particular since the thunder have too many bigs (Adams should be moved tbh but no one will take that contract) and griffin is injury prone. Both are star forwards who can create offense for themselves and others, but Hayward can shoot from outside and help space for Russell and take the scoring pressure off of him, plus he's a good defender and can play off ball just as well as being a ball dominant player. One of the shooters needs to be a stretch 4 or 5, (like mo speights, kelly olynyk, markieff Morris, jamychal green, a player like that) that way kanter can still come off the bench to provide 2nd unit scoring and the thunder are now much more potent offensively to start off the game and if they can get one more shooter off the bench I think they'd be set.
    Starting lineup would be
    Gibson/stretch 4
    Gibson/stretch 5 with Roberson coming off the bench for elite defense (this is good, no more hack a Roberson) and enes coming in for post buckets along with like abrines or mcbuckets for shooting, grant for defense and rebounding, Norris Cole is honestly fine as a backup point for Russ and yeah I think that this would be a dangerous team to play in the west. They lose some rebounding but are MUCH better offensively

  • NO, but that contract will be, won't be enough money to go around

  • Ironically his assist are out of selfishness, he gotta get his numbers, notice WB NEVER passes the ball unless you are shooting, never to work the ball around, either he shoots it or when he passes you better shoot it or he gone cuss yo ass out lol

  • "Listen to your eyes.." … Wow. That's not just folksy. That's some down home bullshit right there.

  • Westbrick is trash.He cant shoot,cant defende,cant passe,turnover machine,inefficient.Hes not a real mvp.KD knew he would not win anything with him.Westbrick isnt even top 3 pg.Hes like LeBum,a player who wants to do everything by himself and play for stats.He will get exposed by his daddy stephen again next season. Russle Curry.

  • lmao no one is going to want to play with him. Same as Kobe. Ball dominant, ultra high shot jacker that has his orginization by the balls. Worst that he is the PG, WHICH Literally means you are at his mercy when it comes to getting a shot off. Please lmao, no super star is coming to OKC

  • Durant left because he's a winner and doesn't want to be with losers. Is it so hard to understand this?

  • RuseWW Westbrook > LeBum

  • Unlike Lebron James getting triple doubles through out an entire series and lost 4-1.. Stat boosting knowing he was going to lose anyway. his TEAM shot a record of 25 threes and won 1 game and it was ALL Lebron James and his team mates sucks.

  • Okc needs to sign a big man cuz another ISO player won't work well with westbrooks style(durant). Okc needs a good center

  • I'd dress hella nice if i looked like a gremlin too.⚰

  • Ironic thing about MJ letter is that KD could of sent the same letter to Russell. OKD!!!!!!! DMV we finally famous you cockroaches

  • If I were Westbrook I would not stay in OKC if u want a title soon! Showtime Lakers are building why not join us.

  • i don't see how u cant hate off Westbrook yall must be like 9-13 comment on basketball yall r a joke

  • So all apparently to these comments all ball dominant players are inefficient trash… So in other words micheal Jordan , Kobe, lebron , wilt, magic, Larry, etc. All are trash because their "ball hogs" … This generations arguments are funny asf😂😂😂😂 no one wants to throw in the rockets statistically played better with harden off the court while the thunder with Westbrook off the court were ranked extremely low…. Then you all are like oh he has oladipo, kanter , Adams ,and Roberson though let me ask u this out of all those other than kanter which ones can create their own offense…? Oladipos ass is our glorified Jr smith when it comes to consistency, Adams I love to death but he is a product or Westbrook just like deandre Jordan is a product of cp3 , nothing needs to be said about Roberson other than his defense is overrated asf , and also kanter is the teams best 3 point shooter that plays high minutes… He's a center .. The team was built for kd now that its Westbrook's team it doesn't work as well because of the floor spacing that's why you see Westbrook not guarding his man as much because he knows in order to score they can't play half court offense…. All paint attackers so what else is there for him to do .? He made the best out of the team even got Roberson involved on offense but sending him on cuts … Idk why the hate for him man like it or not he is the best pg in the league and of this generation … He will finish as one of the greatest pgs of all time he does things that he shouldn't be able to but does just for the sake of winning …

  • Ball-sharing star >>> ball-hoging star

  • "Ball hog" Name the players he plays with. Are you telling me he's still a ball hog when he's on the fucking bench and they get outscored by 12? Are you telling me that a team that was built around the snake Durant with players that can get down low as he's a shooter is supposed to somehow flow with Westbrook, who has the same playing style. The bullshit argument that Kevin Durant left because Westbrook is a ball hog is also stupid. Not only did Durant have a higher usage rate, he left because he knew that even if he beat Golden State (which he was fully capable to do) that he would not be able to beat LeBron he needed 3 other All-Stars to do that.

  • Changes the fucking title. Misleading like a muthafucker

  • if I was a star in the NBA i would Not want to Join westbrook
    when He was With Durant argubly the best scorer in the league, member of the 50/40/90 Club WB0 Took more FG attempts per Game… this is Not someone i would Like to Run my point
    nigga is Shooting 42%…

  • The video titles for espn are pathetic. The question "is westbrook a draw for other players" and the answer/discussion was "yes he will be a draw for other players" at no point did they question that he might not be and yet the title is "Westbrook's Dominance A Deterrent To NBA Stars?"
    Thats like them putting up a video in which lebron's place in the greatest players ever is the discussion and titling the video "IS lebron james the worst player ever?" How about "Vince carter…. couldn't dunk?" "Shaq, couldn't score in the post?". Just pathetic click bait but nothing new i guess…

  • Please, he had a future Finals MVP and former league MVP grinding with him for 9 years and couldn't accept his place as #2 on offense. He'd rather jack up 30 shots on 40% shooting than let a guy shooting 55% get better shots on higher efficiency.

  • Title suggests that those 2 more rebounds that Westbrook gets more the Harden will scare people from the team. Smh.