Wendy Williams Shares Her Surprising Connection With Meghan Markle

Did Markle almost work on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’?



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  1. At least Meghan was seeking employment and not a hard-out, which I find to be commendable! I guess in Wendell's opinion that is committing a crime! Wendell, your nastiness and ill-will for others will be shining the spotlight on you sooner than you know! Grow up!

  2. Wendy is so jealous of Meghan it is sickening. Of all the nasty gutter butt stuff Wendy has been accused of, she has the nerve to talk about someone else. So what if Meghan tried to get a job on her show. She always brings that up. At least Meghan wanted to work which is better than some people. Wendy is the kind of person that likes to hold or put other people down so that she is always on top 😡

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