WEB EXCLUSIVE: Moaning into Marriage!

What would you do if your wedding were interrupted by sexy noises?



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  1. Miss Adrienne is here laughing saying her family would’ve laughed and she would’ve made a joke about her and israel out of it lol Lies you tell! I remember on an episode of kuwtk her family went camping with the kardashians and they were extremely conservetives. The kardashians were as always saying crazy things and adrienne was looking down she was ashamed and parents were shocked soooo

  2. This was a joke audio that was circulating on Whatsapp months ago in Brasil, people were sharing all over… it´s called "gemidão" translates as big moaning. People share the audio under different names and when you touch to hear it´s a person moaning out loud…a bad joke specially in a wedding if u ask me but people are different tho

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