We NEED teachers to sleep with students – Andrew Schulz – Stand Up Comedy

Stand up comedian Andrew Schulz from The Brilliant Idiots says it’s not only good that teachers are sleeping with their students, it’s actually heroic. Check out this clip from his stand up comedy set at the Comedy Cellar in New York.



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  1. Shulz’s personality and persona on BI & F2 are funnier than him in his stand ups. The persona he takes on stage that I’ve seen, especially in this bit, aren’t funny to me. Schulz is FUNNY. His way of thinking and supporting an alternative argument make for great content and good humor, but I feel he needs to work on his delivery on stage. Maybe his real personality is funnier than his on stage persona idk but I’m here for the ride and can’t we until we see our boy young hezzy with a Special on a major outlet!!

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