Was Doc Rivers’ Favoritism Towards Son Reason Chris Paul Left Clippers? | The Jump | ESPN

The Jump crew, including Scottie Pippen, discusses if there is truth behind rumors that Doc Rivers’ favoritism towards his son, Austin Rivers, was the reason Chris Paul left the Los Angeles Clippers to go to the Houston Rockets.

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  • Fuck all the people saying they don't blame doc Rivers for siding with his son because any father would do the same. If that's your fucking mindset then a head coaching job in a professional sports league is NOT the fucking job for you! It's clear & blatant favoritism getting in the way of the organizations success. Can't see how the GM allowed this. The sun is hot garbage.

  • There is a reason schools do not allow teachers to teach their own children. And in this case there were 50,000,000 (the total $ amount junior got from the Clippers) reasons.

  • Why isn't that girl on the Food Network fixing me a sandwich?

  • Rachel Nichols is wrong. She reaching,nice try though

  • Nah I don't think so

  • Breaking News : Chris Paul was going to resign a 3 years deal with the Clippers until he see the Doc Rivers family photo … The Black son always in the background.

  • Melo for Austin Rivers and Loc Livers said no 😂😂

  • Austin don’t even look like him fuck doc rivers 😡

  • When Doc begged Danny to trade his son to the Clippers, it was so obvious. Austin was not doing very well at the time, and he has come along pretty well, but still very over paid.

  • rachel nichols great analysis

  • yes Rachel.. Speak the truth. Brain shut up man. Why wouldn't you give CP3 the max. But Austin get dam near 11 a year. Father love can't knock though.

  • if I'm OKC I'd sent Oladipo $20M to Clippers for Austin Rivers, Lou Williams and Sam Dekker, then sign Rudy Gay….

  • austin rivers has won us more playoff games than chris paul good riddens clips fo life

  • the clippers aint trying 2 rebuild for shit they going too tripple suck chris paul is traded blake Griffin stay injures he starting too suck i think he going 2 get traded too only team pretty much hot in the west is the warrios and the lakers will still fuck bout ball got draft too the lakers when they put so. so much hype on a player that get draft it most like it end up sucks in they rookie year

  • To us, Doc negating the Carmelo trade seems stupid. But I don't have to go home to my wife and explain why I traded my son cross-country to New York. Seems like he was avoiding divorce to me. lol

  • He bailed on Boston assuming L.A. was a better situation. Smh

  • Yes because too many players that use to be in that clippers locker room says that already

  • Why is it austins fault , ffs people grow up. The kid is playing and trying his best , ain't his fault Chris injured self couldn't make the playoffs and they got knocked out

  • Doc's son should not be on his team. Just like a school, a teachers children should not be in his/her class. Siblings are usually not in the same class. How was this even allowed.

  • didn't even start the video… I already say fuck yes

  • This is definitely not the reason. ESPN just loves dramatic headlines. So annoying.

  • Jonah Hill on this show too?

  • She don't kno wtf she talking about CP3 left cuz of docking coddo his sons balls rivers is trash

  • Who the fuck is this idiot saying "Carmelo had control over that"? Even if Carmelo approved of the trade to the Clippers it would still be up to the Clippers to go through with the trade because they're the team trading their players lmao. This moron just wants to go out of his way to make a point. Chris Paul's camp has claimed that the Clippers had an opportunity to trade Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce, and Austin Rivers for Carmelo and the Clippers rejected the deal because of Doc. THATS WHAT PAULS CAMP IS CLAIMING. WTF DOES CARMELO'S TRADE WAIVER CLAUSE HAVE TO DO WITH THAT? DID CARMELO CLAIM THAT HE WAIVED HIS CLAUSE WHEN IT CAME TO A TRADE WITH THE CLIPPERS? STOP MAKING RETARDED POINTS AFTER CLAIMING RELEVANT FACTS ARE "MOOT POINTS"!. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT MOOT MEANS?

  • He should be harder on your son if he's on your team.

  • I work is a son who mom is my boss and even though they say it's not true, it is because parents naturally do that to their kid in MOST situations

  • That women needs to stfu

  • I love Rachel Nichols, she is such an excellent reporter. Slim thick too

  • 1:28 Hold up bitch!

  • CP3 needs to man up say he had enough of the Clippers game and wanted out. Stop being a little bitch and blaming it on Doc. Rivers is a bench warmer at best

  • doc's special treatment of son is costing the franchise more than money. yes a bench player.

  • Windhorst is def a Virgin.

  • Yeah that is the problem. Austin should never have come to the Clips

  • god damn Brian lose some damn weight

  • Clips brought their own downfall, as usual

  • I called this a while ago… Austin Rivers was starting playoff games and scoring 9pts and 3ast, he was getting 11M off the bench and was piss poor as a backup guard… but daddy didn’t care, Glen Davis was right too.

  • i feel bad for CLipper fans because they have to watch austin rivers play because doc river is forcing people to see hes son play.
    Like come the fk on guys is austin rivers even a starter ??
    this is the biggest " is not what you know its who you know " type of deal going on with clippers here.