Wack 1O0 Says ‘F*ck a TRUCE.. I’m Looking For You’ after Treach tries to get Truce to end their beef


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Wack l00 saying ‘F*ck a TRUCE.. I’m Looking For You’ after Treach tries to get Truce to end their beef.
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  1. This old ass fool looks like he's just all mouth and no action.Ain't gonna do shit but run if he were to see Treach pull up somewhere.Better sit down somewhere before he run his damn blood pressure up!!Old pops!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Pac was just a thug for like 3 years,not gangsta ,he use to be with goffy ass digital underground in the bay.. then he meet dre… dre aint gansta he fuu..snoop is gangsta thoo. Pac a poet at best, plus he was never was from the west..he claimed it but not really from here.. suge played pac ..

  3. Pac neva claimed ta be a gangsta…wtf he lived on da west fo years wtf…pac died kinda broke only cuz his label fucked him ova but who df care bout Dien broke u can't take da shit witcha anyway dumbass

  4. hope not going to happen. people always ask way there be so many cops at a black events supposed to white events or others well here you have it.some blacks just don't know how to act.and will ruin it for the rest of us.

  5. Aye Akademiks you have a typo on your title for this video fam. You typed 1O0 instead of 100. Anyways, I love your videos man. Salute to you and keep up the good work 👌.

  6. Who gives a fuck! PAC dead! Niggas go speak how they feel about you! Wack is in titled to his opinion an so is treach! Didn't Marlon Wayans say something about PAC being a actor on the breakfast club????

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