Wack 100 Says the Beef with him and Treach has been Squashed ‘I Respect him, He respects me’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Wack 100 saying the Beef with him and Treach has been Squashed ‘I Respect him, He respects me’
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  • What a wack ass nigga


  • one of the reason i stopped listening to this fuck nigga akademiks is because he says dumb corny shit like his mentor CTG about hoping nobody gets hurt. Niggas who allegedly have killed people are threatening to beat and kill each other over sometimes serious disputes and we expect them to live up to their reputations and be about what they talk about because its entertaining

  • Wack must have a publicist posting his IG posts lmao. Nigga know he aint type that shit, lmao

  • Who tf are either of these clowns

  • lames

  • lame shit

  • Hippocrates sure are in style now a days.

  • Wack got smashed on..

  • Hashtag West Up*

  • Fuck both them

  • Proppa – Controlla Remix (Bend Over) by Proppa718 #np on #SoundCloud

  • I Salute them too for that, grown man shyt

  • Wack can throw that old ass in a circle for me

  • 2 clown ass old heads

  • he said three times his age dude 30

  • 3x your age? really nigga you mean Treach like 75 years? Nigga you getting just as dumb as these lame rappers you always covering

  • 93 years old…

  • Akademiks can't add they are barely twice his age if that.

  • why do you make videos of this irrelevant crack head looking nigga

  • Wack💯 has his house handicap accessible due to his retardation condition .

  • Tupac + wack 100 – 2 chains = 100! Coincidence? 🤔

  • Crazy how Tupac still has bitches in both genders fighting over him today.

  • wack mustve gave treach the fade yall stoopid

  • Speaking negatively on dead souls and calling other people's mamas out of their name is Wack 💯

  • Treach can't never talk tough again, he might end up doing another Steve Harvey statement retreat.. lmao

  • Grown ass men act like 14 year old gang member wannabes. These are not role models. These are clowns.

  • i like how 4 days ago he says he gonna stomp out Treach…. lol now he pulls a 180 and says shit is all good? lol whatever fuckin loud mouths now-a-days..

  • treach talks about all the rules and sitting down with generals? treach you are breaking so many g codes! you were drunk talking reckless, you flew to la saying your gonna do something wack called you on it now you are talking some other shit?!!! wanting to sit down with farrakhan and shit and leave all these philosophical messages on instagram……wtf???

  • let me explain g code for treach and all the other "civilians" treach you should of never opened your mouth threatening what your gonna do! then not do shit! then wanting to get all these other people involved booya etc. no one threatened to jump you it could of just been a one on one fade! what happened to "i do my dirt all by my lonely???? your words!

  • treach knew he was not gonna do anything when he flew out there, treach is about the bitches he is a model, wears mad lip gloss, and act feminine at times this time included. he should of stood down instead of putting himself out there like he is someone who is gonna do something, then fold when its time to the things that HE SAID! i bet treach will still diss flex but wont say nothing about wack anymore, they gave you a pass homey!

  • I just heard Wack got knocked out by the Bo Ya Tribe

  • all that talking gangsta, blood played himself.

  • wack got beat up dumb azz

  • wack a bitch for the way he preached on that post

  • wack is the police

  • they were hyping the movie

  • It only looks ridiculous to yall niggaz cause they "old headz"; "Let a nigga live" U young niggas beef and talk shit too. They human, They paved the way for you young niggaz, Stop tryna throw them out the picture when they get a little buzz. If this was Chris Brown and Soldier boy beefing again you niggaz a b all on that shit tryna see what happening next like everybody else.

  • They said Soulja boy talked to his little homie wack and told blood to bhill he was looking brazy

  • I ain't the type of nigga to type to niggas #TypinNiggaz

  • Fake old dudes cat fighting