Wack 100 Dares Treach to Pull Up in LA after Treach Didn’t appreciate his Comments about Tupac.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Wack 100 Dares Treach to Pull Up in Los Angeles after Treach Didn’t appreciate his Comments about Tupac.
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  • P

    This shit is unbelievably embarrassing for the black community. Like wtf? Y'all understand that whatever you do, it's fucking generalized!!!!! Fucking idiots. Hey maybe I'm ignorant for saying that, but this is fucking Coonery.

  • Why is he saying nigg*r But not nigg*


  • thats how he handles PIRU business

  • Wack you a bitch!


  • Donut donut find this nigga man lmao 😂😂😂😂

  • i know dat nigga og doughnut like man how the fuck did i get mixed up in this bullshit lmao

  • "whoever threw that. your moms a hoe

  • Hotel room? Pause

  • this nigga too old for this shit

  • " whack represents the game " lmfaoooooooo the most honest thing that's been said about the game.

  • Anyone listen to that song, know ya by ty $ sign? Where the girl makes 4 calls and each one gets worst after another? Lmfaoooooooo this reminded me of it so much omg

  • This dude a fuckin goof

  • Wack100 today's SugeKhight

  • Oh my fucking god. Who knew 🍩 was a street name.

  • blacks are so immature

  • this is sad you fifty. bruh you talking like this nigga stole the Lord's last supper. this nigga defended tupac. defended tupac….. Blood ain't kidnapped ya girl or her daughter so TF is Gucci? unless a mf did you too old to be doing all that mf dry snitching yelling cursin making threats it ain't a reason blood in this entire whole god damned world for you to be carrying on how I've been seeing you carry this entire year. and the big part is you doing all this over some mfn words? not actions but words. not because ya girl and kids missing, not cause ya momma was attacked blood. over a mf sayin sumn? how you fifty tryna regulate another grown mfs words and mouth and what come out it? who gon be hesitant to speak worried about if wack ass 100 gon pop up causing hell? gtfu! gyatfu! mentally! growing ya ass the fuck up is what the next headline concerning wack ass mfn wack 100 shud be bout. otr! on the mfn real. otmr! 100,000 blood. yg to og. I train og's. fuck w my hood blood on blood ckuz we trains….. 100,000! fwm

  • I'd love to slap this fucking trex looking coon

  • Ain't nothin lit in the hood it's jus they people and where they from

  • M J


  • wack 100years old