Vince Staples Speaks On New Music, Respecting Bow Wow & Why Gangsta Lyrics Are Lame

Vince Staples Speaks On New Music, Respecting Bow Wow & Why Gangsta Lyrics Are Lame

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  • lol thats so funny ray j was two different characters

  • He's not lying about being suspended for rocking a Jeezy shirt in school. One of my friends got sent home for rocking one in the 7th grade

  • Big Fish Theory Album Is 🔥 I like the wave Vince is on, he completely the opposite from the Rappers of his current ERA with the Melodic Mumble Bullshit!

  • Rakim did not write Summertime for Will Smith, it's a long running rumor. The beat was originally for Rakim but he passed on it so Will took it.

  • kurt cobain montage of heck was amazing watched four times

  • I love how Angela just keeps getting brushed off LOL!'

  • Vince just a real nigga, that's why him & Joe Budden got along when he was on Everyday Struggle.

  • "He did an Aunt Viv but with himself" 😩

  • oh look none of the old heads are saying this generation is trash and they dont know shit, LOOK at this NOW vince and plenty of us know our shit. love vince staples breaking down the misconceptions.

  • yowww I really like this dude. Great mindset.

  • Bruh my school have a whoopi goldberg lookin dean that be suspending people too. Vince was here name ms Boone?

  • He gives the best interview

  • I FUK wit vince so much

  • Vince is speaking pure alchemy.

  • This guy needs to be in front of a camera! Needs his own show/ podcast…

  • Vince is funny without even trying, like just looking at him makes me laugh

  • cs up

  • Yo Vince is the chosen one

  • this young brotha is aware. i dig it.

  • I fw Vince staples !.

  • Vince a real one man.😂😂😂😂

  • wild wild west was hard cuz

  • Incredible kid

  • Hilarious interview