Video shows nurse allegedly abusing 2-year-old with special needs

Parents were an hour away at their oldest son’s basketball game when they witnessed the nurse allegedly pinch, slap, and hit their toddler with a rolled up magazine on their nanny cam.


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  • Stupid Bitch, but graphic?

  • Filipino nurse! these kind of abusive idiots came from the country side with hick education! stop hiring these hillbillies with no American education!


  • MANALASTAS that is a Filipino surname!

  • THIS is why I wont trust ANYONE with my kids.

  • This is so sad😡😡😷😷😷

  • bitch

  • Cheap foreign labor, you got exactly what u paid for lol

  • It's funny because if he didn't have "special needs" no one would care.

  • I would wear your face like a mask. DON'T. FUCK WITH MY KIDS

  • that fucking bitch

  • Makes me so damn sick to my stomach seeing someone hurt an innocent child … with special needs at that. What the hell is wrong with people? True evil is what it is

  • she deserves to burn in hell

  • .

  • This only will make the kid stronger

  • I would not have called police if I was the parents. I would have introduced my fist to her jaws and nose. I didn't just workout for nothing.

  • remember parents never trust nannys or baby sitters or the baby sitter. com

  • I feel so bad for the kid

  • I would've cut her hands

  • I would have beat the fuck out of that bitch!