Video Games Cause Islamophobia?

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  • I pretty sure suicide bombers and maniacs running people over then going on a murder spree causes this.

  • "Peace Wagons!" LMMFAO!😂

  • Also, I 100% agree. If u wanna come here to b able to live ur own life whatever way u choose (as long as it doesn't negatively affect anyone else), I have no problem with that. In fact, I WANT u to b able to come here. But there has to b a way to make sure we aren't letting ppl n that wish to do us harm. A governments #1 role is to protect its citizens. My basic philosophy of life is leave me and my way of life b, and I'll leave u and ur way of life be. It really shouldn't b that difficult. But there r always gonna b crazy ppl out there. It's an unfortunate fact of life.

  • good stuff. I'm standing right there with ya Red. keep on keep'n on

  • No race has a monopoly of virtue. Stop stereotyping. This is directed at the filth in this comment section.

  • The flakey people out there are only ones separating the people.

  • But Red there are "Bhuddist, Amish, Christian"…etc terrorists. But I'll admit most terrorists are "Muslim". Although religion promotes peace and people distort the messages in the scriptures.

  • Another thing, I don't think all cultures have to become one like 'ethnocentrism' but certainly there are harmful ones that cannot be allowed in this world. And no I don't think Islam is barbaric it's just going under mass radicalization. Think about the Crusades people. Christianity went under radicalization too!


  • lol,thank God I live in the UAE where video games are an important culture here. I'm a Muslim who makes Islamic racist jokes to others

  • Muslims Cause Islamophobia

  • usa killed more innocent people

    kkk represnt christianity

  • Star Wars promotes Dark-sideophobia

  • The Red Dragon you took this footage in the Smokies? That looks like the exact spot we visited this past April. This is a known popular site to see bears, right? Cade's Cove?

  • You could be totally right there Dragon, but I don't think Turkey has made this issue the primary issue, it could be one of many issues they are currently addressing at the moment.

  • I've been killing nazi zombies for years and not once did it make me hate Germans. The blame is all the individual. Stop looking to blame someone for your warped perception!

  • Well, let me ask you on this. What if the coin flips and there would be game comes out where you find "Muslim" as a hero aka main character of the game/movie. And in that movie if he fights against those people who tries to invade his family and kill his family members, now he's taking revenge. My question is, would you play that kinda game? or watch that kinda movie?
    I've seen that every Muslim country watch American movies where nothing is Islamic, that means they don't hate. Then why do we hate them?
    I know a lot of people might reply with some toxic but my point is so simple.
    I've played one game on XBOX 360, it was "Medal Of Honor Warfighter" if that game they have added a mission in "Karachi, Pakistan". Those scenes/incidents which they have implemented on that game are totally wrong. I've done my deep research on that after playing that game. Believe it or not, everything was false in that game. Should I file a lawsuit against EA for misleading with false info and incidents and degrading other countries?

  • not all muslims are terrorist, but all terrorist are muslims!

  • All in all isis is an US product that was put in place to take control over the world easly …

  • sorry turkey NO GAMES FOR YOU!!!

  • Islam causes Islamophobia. The religion say so kill people, you all would know that if you read the quran, sunna or haddith.

  • maybe the shitty religion is what causes islamophobia

  • Typical way of thinking for people who likes to live in a facade.

  • Know what really causes Islamophobia? Becoming informed on what Islam believes in.
    The only way to not fear it is to not really know all the details.

  • Xbonex is $499 + $60 game + $60 membership + TAX = $700 RIP!!! And talk about Crackhead 3 running 30 FPS on the "mighty power" of the X..Honestly the CPU of the xbonex is weak weak weak.
    PS4 PRO will have a -$50 price cut this holiday season and it's OVER for Microsoft! RIP!

  • Assholes, idiots and Mass Media cause Islamophobia.

  • 99.99% of terrorists are Muslim so that's part of the reason for hatred.

  • PacMan is such a racist 👍

  • As a Muslim I feel insulted by ppl claiming the Ghosts in Pacman were muslim women. Its true that shooter games made by western studios show the enemies of western military as enemies… and I hope for more nonwestern studios showing cuban or russian, syrian, north korean soldiers fighting western enemies. Games are a form of art and they can transport views we have on each other in an entertaining, nonvieolent way. I miss the ballance here too. But this is a SJW Thing… if western Studios now start making games letting you play a North Korean Sniper killing US Soldiers, theys would oppose that too, then tehy will say, it was cultural Appropriation. You cant do anything that will not cause SJW Opposition. They even create racial and sexual seggregation on E3… they just Need to STFU… really Im pissed off by those mutants. They dont allow the wounds inflicted to any group during history by other Groups to heal. Tehy want the Descendants to be guilty and cause the spiral go on and on and on… they are not better then those they claim to fight against. No women in Saudi Arabia or Jamaika or some African countries (both, muslim and christian) will have any benefit from hatred towards men in general in the western societies. It will not liberate them from their oppression.

  • islam is perversed by man. their rules are agressive and if broken the consequences are severe. dictator like culture. the beautiful women covered up because the ugly men have low self esteem even though the wife was sold to him. so 😢

  • lol @ "Like WTF?" #InstantClassic

  • Islamiphobia is a thing because muslims are the only religion that in the modern day blow them selves up,

  • You mentioned the Amish…. visit Pennsylvania and you'll see that there are plenty of Amish that terrorize Dogs/Puppies

  • All religion should be banned, religion has caused nothing but conflict in its entire existence. More people have been killed in the name of god than for any other reason.