Venus Williams ‘at fault’ in fatal car accident, police say

The attorney for the family of the victim, 78-year-old Jerome Barson, speaks out on “GMA” about the Florida car accident in which Barson’s vehicle struck Williams’ car, according to a police report.

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  • This is a perfect time for me to emphasize and remind everyone out there what the law is since this is one of my biggest traffic-related pet peeves and potentially very dangerous. I'm still shocked that many people are either unaware or simply disregard it but… If you don't have enough room for your vehicle to fully cross an intersection because of congestion (even if your light is green at the time) DO NOT ENTER THE INTERSECTION! At the very least you will cause grid-lock (virtual stand still traffic) and at worst death. Never put yourself or anyone else in a similar situation just to ultimately save 2-3min from your commute. This accident was 100% avoidable and sadly Williams was at fault. Just because your light is green it doesn't automatically guarantee you a pass through the intersection.

  • Police withholding evidence, when video are released will see what happened.

  • Would they be suing if she was broke ?

  • I can see why she did what she did. She got caught in the intersection, maybe she should have stayed there. That being said, just because the light is green doesn't mean you don't have to be cautious. The woman driving didn't see that big ass SUV coming across the lane? It's sad, but it's not like she was texting and rammed someone from behind causing them to go into on -coming traffic and being killed in a head on collision. No, that was bruce jenner (woman of the year) who was never charged with anything and cleared of all wrong doing i suppose. The story disappeared from the news.

  • Where were y'all racist when Bruce.. I mean Caitlyn Jenner wasn't paying attention and rammed behind a 69 year old woman killing her 🤔?…. oh wait 😮

  • fuck the family

  • Why are these Beasts always trying to criminalize black people when they make a mistake yet kkkops get away with murdering unarmed children?🤔
    This was an unfortunate accident but it looks like the elderly man was at fault. The way he dashed out there was reckless. He seen her SHE DIDNT SEE HIM!

  • This is a sad story, but all these people in the comments are unbelievable. Like wtf if she was white it would be the opposite, as in What it was an accident. And people die 24/7 because of car accidents. The sad thing is that I am white my self.

  • Pseudo judge & jury with little information & lack of ability regarding discernment. Most people commenting dont know the law, dont know how slow 5mph is & dont know if you see a car in front of you, you dont T-Bone it. Praying for all affected Venus and his family. It waa a tragic accident.

  • the majority of the comments are people jealous because she is famous and has money and is not going to jail. If she wasn't famous and did not go to jail, people wouldn't care and get mad.

  • accidents like these happen every day. nobody goes to jail unless it was intentional by reckless driving or driving under the influence

  • In larger cities this happens all the time. You get caught in the intersection waiting on someone to turn, but there is to much traffic. Typically oncoming traffic stops. If the person driving could not see a Nissan Sequoia in their path then they should not have been driving in the first place.

  • I can't go to one video without people making it about race. – 2017

  • Venus will send the entire family on a Disney vacation as well as pad their bank accounts. I'm sure she's devastated…

  • its the womans fualt that did not look before she cross.

  • stop with the racism someone died have some remorse whether she was white or black it doesn't matter this is why racism will never end u idiots bring it up everyday like you have no lives smh

  • This is a very grey area. We've all been there. Get stuck in the intersection because of traffic then proceed after the light turns red. What can you do? Block an intersection? Thats another ticket too. Old couple mustve been speeding not to see a damn suv in the middle of the road

  • Not as bad as Caitlyn Jenner driving right into an old woman

  • How do you cope with death? Money.. Lots of Money. Murica

  • Quit judging. A lot of people ESPECIALLY during rush hour for example, push it to the max and be stuck in the middle of an I intersection . You wait and proceed when you feel safe to do so, unfortunately the other driver didn't see her and proceeded through his green. You see no OTHER cars besides the victims were involved within those 3 lanes directed her way and he was the furthest on the right 👀🤔 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Was he wearing a seatbelt?

  • Black women and black in general are wreckless terrible drivers.

  • How is that a woman? Very high T. 😆

  • The Black Authority had it right. Now white supremacy is going to take back some of her money. It just might take all of it. She ran her lanky ass around talking about all lives matter. I'll bet white supremacy doesn't give a damn about her life.

  • who the fuck cares if it was criminal or not? its her fault for being an impatient moron and thinking she's above the law.

  • Poor road and traffic control design was a contributing factor. Here we have parkways designed under Robert Moses that have traffic lanes entering the right lane with the exit ramp a few hundred feet after. It's as if someone designed it to create accidents, which happen too frequently.

  • What about BRUCE jenner. Buckle up buckaroos.

  • Fuck the victim jew lawyer

  • Why was the light in the middle of the street… they should sue the city

  • This dindu nuffin should get the death penalty for killing this law abiding senior citizen.

  • Rich privilege. She'll walk free and forget all about this incident in no time.

  • This is a cover-up. She's as guilty as O.J. and Pill Cosby.

  • She had insurance, the policy should pay what it pays, like in any insurance claim. Anyone who has been in an accident or has known
    someone who has knows this to be absolutely true. Race will enter the equation ONLY if they're allowed to sue her personally, and if history is any indication, say hello to race.

  • It's her fault, she shouldn't have entered the intersection even though the light was green . She should have waited until it was clear. Bad accident.

  • this does seem like a accident but some key details of this story seems a bit off