Venus Williams ‘at fault’ in deadly crash, police report says

A 78-year-old man died 14 days after the car accident.


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  • She's rich and famous, she'll pay a fine because too many people make money off of her image.

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  • Wait I'm not trying to be rude but I'm confused because it says that she entered the intersection on a green light so how is she at fault?

  • She took responsibility, have to respect that. Still waiting for Jenner, and countless others to have enough character to take responsibility for what they have done.

  • It's not her fault. The light was green

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  • Of course there are no charges. When are celebrities ever charged for killing someone in a car crash? When the distracted Bruce Jenner rear-ended a lady and shoved her vehicle into an oncoming truck, killing her, not only did the law utterly ignore his carelessness, but he was also hailed a hero among transgenders and received awards that individuals who aided poor children and villages did not receive. Funny how the world works.

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  • How odd is it that we are just NOW finding out about this fatal accident when it happened weeks ago? Yeah, no media bias detected.

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    She didn't notice that the lights had changed…
    A crowd of people stood and stared…

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  • John McEnroe ranked Venus 700th in driving.

  • I blame Hyundai there cheaply made cars! if it were a japanesse car we wouldn't be talking about death