Uncovering the Strategy Behind Jay Z’s Blockbuster Business Deals

Almost all of Jay Z’s big business deals have one surprising thing in common. We discover what it is, and try to figure out why.

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  1. Jayz is the lebron of the industry which means wherever he goes his fans go and thats why he can choose bing over google and still win the same way. Lebron could go to the nets and people would still watch him

  2. Small cap stocks have the potential to have significant exponential return and can go belly up as well. J's moves are understandable in a business perspective because these smaller companies that he puts money on might return greater sums

  3. There's no secret. These rap niggas aren't smart, they're opportunists. It's simple–the company wants the biggest name in rap to endorse their brand for noteriety, so they contact the rapper's management team, the management team contacts the lawyers, and the lawyers make the deals! It works the same the other way around–rapper wants to invest in a brand, the notify their lawyers, and the lawyers make the deal. Simple!

  4. It's the other way around, in real life he is seen as a known sell out. He sold some of his most vauled assets to get richer. On top that, outside of entertainment what major business deals has he done. I am not a hater but Jay-Z is more of a great promoter than business man. He can market the hell out of a brand but I have yet to see him take a company and make it extremely successful if it hasn't already had a certain measure of such with few exceptions like ROCnation but all his other business ventures from my knowledge and understanding have more to do with his business partners and not him. However he has a way of bringing alot of press to companies that people have forgotten about.

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