Uncle Murda Says “Mase Is Going To Hell!”

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  1. Mase said Hip hop is the devil. He was using church to steal people's money. And then had the audacity to come back to rap callin himself Murda Mase talking about moving bricks, sellin drugs, shooting people, etc. I ain't judging the man but one thing I DO know is you can't play with GOD like that. Smh

  2. Uncle murda, as far as his persona, he comes from hell, nobody comes for when he mentions their names on Any level and you don't hear this NIGGA all over social media. He probably just pops up on MUAFKAZ!!!, LOL

  3. Just to clear it up… He was dressed as a Mortal Kombat character… My guess Subzero.. You can say it's cheesy but it's creative, it's 90s, and it's on theme after him just dropping the Oracle

  4. Question….Boxer George Foreman was a pastor when he stepped out of retirement and was still whooping azz in the name of the Lord LOL…why do y'all think God is soft???. He says vengeance is mine! He destroyed to evil cities. He destroyed evil people in His name. God is the real OG!!!!

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