Ugly god says Fan who was choked tried to Disrespectfully Troll Tekashi 69 before being choked out.


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  1. Why is it different when they're famous. If this was a regular nigga he woulda got smacked and that been the end of it. But when you're famous you gotta at some higher standard? 16 or not. Hopefully no legal trouble. And kid your a whole bitch

  2. That kid was not even choked. Putting your hand there is not choked. Choked is keeping it there and squeezing so they cannot breathe. Did not happen, whole story is absolute manure, hoped that you were better than this trash.

  3. Its so stupid when a kid calls you shit just ignore it why would you start to fight it shows you’re weak πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and theres nothing bad when someone calls you gay its the same as calling someone straight :/

  4. This kid wasn't even choked, if you watch the video when his jacket got grabbed thats when he got those brushes across his neck which you can barely even spot. Stop using the words "choked out" bro

  5. If you are a kid stay in a fucking child's place you wanna scream Grown man shit but when caught in grown man situation then you wanna holler Ahhhhhhh I am a child smh….Wilmrbadguy

  6. Listen, it dosnt matter what he said at all. You don't put your hands on another person like that because he said something stupid. When you got money you got to keep a cool head. Now you choke a dude and lose your money over a child.

  7. And Ak, there is NO law against saying things to people or using a cell phone camera in a mall. But there is a law for assaulting other people. Wether or not it's the cool thing to do or not, dude is gonna get sued and lose because he put hands on a dude. You k ow how many people have tried to get famous actors and even fighters (boxing and MMA) to hit them so they can get a check? You gotta use your head when you get money and not do stupid childish shit.

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