Tyrin Turner on Career Slowing Down, Felt He Didn’t Need to Audition Anymore

Tyrin Turner spoke about his long friendship with Jamie Foxx, which evolved from being party buddies at the beginning of their careers. He also talked about Jamie’s role as Ray Charles in the Oscar-winning biopic, and Tyrin revealed that it was originally a made for tv movie.

Moving along, Tyrin spoke about how roles started slowing down for him after “Belly,” because he felt like he no longer needed to audition. You can hear more of what he had to say in the above clip.


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  • they shoot him from the side on purpose being funny or nah

  • vlad dirty ass fck…kept the camera side view long enough to show dudes drawn in hair lining lol!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • He looks "used" ….. u determine what that is…


  • Does he have a hickey on his neck? Vlad is shady for continuing that side view…..that is not his best side😑

  • yeah, "promiscuous together" was a bit suspect. but if he shaved his mustache and beard off he can play Floyd Mayweather in a movie

  • Vlad needa step down and give Jack Thriller his Platform and let Jack Thriller interview mfs from behind da camera dat would be sum interesting shit.

  • been around Jamie Foxx twice. Once in LA and once in atlantic city and dude is cool and humble to be such a huge star.

  • He lost me at promiscuous

  • His promiscuous together meant they were chasing hoes! Why y'all lunatics wanna gossip like Benita Butrell

  • this nigga nose is snotty asf

  • Big gum bucktooth lisp having ass nigga

  • we only talking him cause he played Cain and tupac was almost in a movie with him

  • he do have a feminine vibe going on. Word up..jamie is bi himself.. Plus they lived or still live together..i respect cane but.. That suspect shit he said just confirmed my suspicion

  • "tyrin, you fucked up…you know you fucked up"
    "no, no, i mean…we just…you know.."
    "na na na, you fucked up homie"

  • y'all Kno he fucked up Right?

  • Was this filmed in 1993? Lol. He looks exactly the same as in Menace 2 Society.

  • I think it's your speech impediment bro … I wish you could of work on your Craft

  • Homie had da wrong mindset

  • Tyrin: "We used to be promiscuous."

    Bill Duke: "Now listen to me, you little bitch… You know you done fucked up, don't ya?"

  • He made a mistake that's all kokane.

  • I actually though Tyrin should have been Jamie's partner in his last film "Sleepless" instead of (corny) T.I.,.

  • Him and Jamie Foxx did have a relationship I think. In a separate interview he explained that him and Jamie Foxx actually lived together and we're "best friends" What 2 grown me who both got paper live together on some roommate sh*t??? C'mon now

  • this nigga answers questions like he still getting interrogated

  • No HoMo but this niggah got meat lip like Maysonne 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  • "you know back in the day Jamie and I use to promiscuous but in a safe way"

    now you know you fucked you, you know you done fucked up right.

  • At least they were safe…
    can't believe vald didn't follow up on promiscuous tho…
    mayb he already knows the truth

  • promiscuous? "Now, u know u done fucked up right?"

  • what does he do now?

  • VLAD is a racist ass MUTHAFUCKA!!! He think cause it's a predominately black movie, it's about niggaz having a big party! FoH Vlad!!!

  • Menace was an ignorant ass movie and he is delusional to think anyone outside of black people gave it any acclaim. That's why he hasn't done much since then because he's delusional.

  • That hickey on ya neck Caine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©

  • Stay up Kane!

  • I said a double burger with cheese motherfucker!

  • The irony of his name & the title of this video lmao

  • So basically my dude killed his own career. You gotta Hustle he should have kept going to those interviews

  • lol boyish look this nigga hilarious

  • I get what he's saying !! Because he still sounds Young! When I here his voice I automatically seem like I'm back in 93. His voice did not deepen none. I saw the vid with him and his son, and He seems like his soul is older than his Father!!! Real talk !!

  • So he visited the Foxx hole lol am I right am I right… Ok I'll show myself out

  • Nigga got a hickey at 40 πŸ˜‚

  • Dj vlad and Peter rosenburg are disgusting and should be ashamed of their cuckold selves

  • "We used to be promiscuous together" is the quote that made Vlad jealous.

  • damn motherfucker still looks young

  • He use too be sooo sexy

  • Mannnn that beginning part don't sound good bruh lol

  • I forgot how good the movie Ray is. Im about to watch that right now..πŸŽ₯πŸ’―

  • How this nigga don't know the name of the movie he was in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚