Tyrin Turner on Career Slowing Down, Felt He Didn’t Need to Audition Anymore

Tyrin Turner spoke about his long friendship with Jamie Foxx, which evolved from being party buddies at the beginning of their careers. He also talked about Jamie’s role as Ray Charles in the Oscar-winning biopic, and Tyrin revealed that it was originally a made for tv movie.

Moving along, Tyrin spoke about how roles started slowing down for him after “Belly,” because he felt like he no longer needed to audition. You can hear more of what he had to say in the above clip.



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  1. Menace was an ignorant ass movie and he is delusional to think anyone outside of black people gave it any acclaim. That's why he hasn't done much since then because he's delusional.

  2. I get what he's saying !! Because he still sounds Young! When I here his voice I automatically seem like I'm back in 93. His voice did not deepen none. I saw the vid with him and his son, and He seems like his soul is older than his Father!!! Real talk !!

  3. Y'all ass is funny as hell in these comments 😭 Come on Caine just say we always fucked a lot of bad hoes together! Jamie Foxx is a legend y'all better put some respect on his mf name !

  4. him and jamie was fuckin…i been knew that. jamie foxx even tried to get tyrins resume up by producing this short film and having tyrin star in it…

    "how did it…how did it come together" (looks up).

    nigga u hear what he said. if u look at his face expressions wen the question asked…licking his lips u can tell some funny shit was going on

  5. This dude had a little success and went "Hollywood". It's nobody's fault but your own if you don't understand the business. He left out the "I started doing drugs and started doing stupid shit and that's why nobody would hire me. Word gets around the industry real quick if you're serious or not about being someone people can depend on. Larenz Tate was in the same "Menace" movie and did a better acting job the Tyrin I feel. Tate looked youthful in all of his roles since "Menace" and he's been working in the business every since without a problem because Tate is about puttin' in that work as an actor. Jamie tried to help his "paper bag money" earnin' ass out putting a good word in and directing him in a short film and he has the audacity to not even remember the name of the project he was working on? My dude right here is with the excuses. Sorry son, you're washed!

  6. After he made the promiscuous comment…. I start analysing his mannerisms- he did begin to seem a lil sweet…. Oan the hickey on his neckπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

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