TSA officer arrested for allegedly stealing money from traveler’s bag

Officer faces a felony grand theft charge after surveillance video apparently showed him reaching into a woman’s bag and pocketing $500.


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  • dumbass

  • awesome they caught that scumbag!

  • I love the TSA but this guy just embarrassed the entire agency. This Scumbag deserves to die!!!!

  • when u get paid 6k$ per mount and all of the sudden u lost everything over some stupid shit.

  • i knew these TSA scumbags were up to no good,

  • his not the only one stealing 😂 they all steal

  • black lives matter.

  • No Way! It's a Black guy? I don't believe it!

  • This is why I have trust issue with regards to humans.

  • Dumbass indeed

  • cops do it all the time but its in law for the cops to do it so do a story about that

  • I'm glad I'm tired of tsa stealing

  • Seriously, who the hell cares? This is sectarian food.

  • There just like us, isn't that the load of shit the Jew media is trying to sell us??

  • Flo, Ri, Duh~.

  • this is why i don't trust people in costumes