Trump turns to Twitter after London attack

President Trump criticized the mayor of London, denounced political correctness and brought up gun control on Twitter after the terrorist attack that killed seven people in London.


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  • 😂😂😂 why are we surprised! My bets are on him quitting before he gets impeached lmao

  • Honestly? Not feeling very patriotic right now

  • Growing more and more incompetent by the day. I despised people who turned their backs on him when he was elected; Not giving your president a chance is appalling. But as time passes, I feel like his ability to 'lead' the people is waning all the time.

    My respect for him fell to a low point after backing out of the climate agreement on a political level, but his 'mean streaks' on twitter are just plain embarrassing.

  • Trump is an idiot…….so why are we surprised that he does idiotic thing…..?

  • if donald insist want to av travel ban let him has it!! so sick of him whining about travel ban. if travel ban failed i literally laugh at US. like 'in your face'

  • Trump is a piece of shit.

  • fuck you ABC, I hope the religion of peace pays you a visit soon

  • Radical Judaism aka Marxism paved the way for the terror of Islamic terrorism that the West is experiencing now. Marxism's"Political Correctness" is very similar to Sharia Laws, they are both pro censorship and totally incompatible with Western values as far as freedom of thought and free speech are concerned.

    Together, these two radical Middle Eastern ideologies are part of a 1,2 punch combination to destroy the West. Only incompetent, ignorant and malfeasant people would support these diabolical ideologies. Stay Halal and Kosher-free my friend.

  • Even after all this, all you this in the comments is "OMG TRUMP WAS RIGHT!" When will they finally see trump is an idiot ?

  • The National Health Service told Reuters Monday that "a total of 36 … patients (are) currently being cared for in five London hospitals, and of these 18 remain in a critical condition." And none of them had multi-thousand dollar deductibles, coinsurance, copays, or will go bankrupt and lose their homes because of needing medical treatment.

  • Naturally
    Nobody uses Fb anymore

  • Whites are actors, born actors. Remember that, non-whites. That means you can never ever trust them when they open their mouth. Would you trust a liar who had lied many times? Would you think it is reasonable to trust them at this time when they are showing their true self? Think about that.

  • TRUMP 2020

  • 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 speechless!!!!!!!!!

  • “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’”


  • #45 IS where fake news start

  • can we not all accept that donald trump is stupid


  • You lefties killed those innocent victims. The terrorists are just doing what's in their nature. You lefties brought them here. Those killed blood is on the hands of the left. The left is responsible and will never take responsibility.

  • Wait… so Trump took the mayor's words out of context… hmmm similar to what the media does to him and what he preaches against #Hypocrite

  • Trump is wright.


    Shut it Trump you moron

  • Shit for brains orange dyed toupee wearer fucks up again. It's a weekly event these days!

  • This condemnation of Trump is cruel and wrong. He is as mad as a bag of badgers and deserves pity and sympathy. Don't let him run around with scissors, keep him away from power tools and, for god's sake, tie down the pool cover. We can get through this.

  • Idiot!! Take a cue how the rest handles this. With compassion, dignity and yes vigilance. Not more crazy words.

  • Vvv utgu