Trump finally admits he did not record conversations with James Comey

The president hinted that he might have tapes last month after he fired the former FBI director.


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  • Well no shit


  • Donald Trump is a liar. As a savvy business tycoon, he taped every conversations in major dealings and private conversations, without counter-party knowledge or authorization, so that he can gloat about it later, or even personally relive his moments of glory. He even does this with his sexual conquests and employee disciplinary sessions. All he needs to do is push the record button on his cell phone hidden inside his suit pocket to activate his "wiretap".

    Why does he do this? The man is a narcissist. He loves collecting trophies. The best of the best would do this, so why not him?

    He was probably "hoping" to catch Jim Comey in a priceless compromising moment begging the Don for letting him keep his job, while making a pledge of loyalty to the most powerful man in America, his boss' boss, glorious POTUS Trump.

    Because all he got was a pledge of honesty instead, and nothing else of extortionary value, especially now when the heat is on him, President Trump is switching to another old reliable evasionary tactic of his: plausible deniability with exhausted suspense…
    "I did not do anything wrong… even if I did it, no one would blame me… so, sue me, or catch me if you can… meanwhile I'll let you know whether I have any tapes, in a short period of time… believe me, you will be disappointed…"

    The best way to catch this guy is to do the same thing we do to secure intelligence for the whereabouts of terrorist targets, offer million dollars reward for proof and evidence, and watch all the skeletons come out of the closet (or should I say warehouse, in Trump's case.)

    Robert Mueller will be fired soon. Trump cannot fight the urge to survive, no matter what it takes. Mueller is now a worse existential threat than Comey. Watch and see.

  • F*cking lying a$$hole.

  • Recording Comey is like recording Satan.

  • A conspiracy theory: Maybe Trump has tapes of Comey meeting him at the Trump tower during the campaign trial before Comey's press conference during which he announced that he was gonna reopen Clinton's e-mail case a week before election night. It is also possible that Trump has those tapes without Comey knowing about it cause Trump's team is not stupid when they make plans that could entirely turn around the fucking election so that they could avoid future blackmail. Trump might have thought Comey might reveal things about this meeting and hence he threatened him about the tapes which do exist.

  • obama is better this this businesman


  • That's all he does is lie, my God. We are the laughing stock of the world right now. Every one of our allies looking at us cracking up. You put a liar in the white house so the world can make fools of us. Stupid inbred, trailer trash congrats.

  • All fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOCK HIM UP !!!

  • Trump was trolling Comey so that Comey wouldn't lie.Trump knew that if he said it and Comey thought that there would be tapes he wouldn't try to make shit up.Now stop teasing your low iq audience with the fucking fake news and start reporting on real shit.

  • DONALD TRUMP IS A LYING SACK OF SHIT!!!! I am totally SICK of this ASSHOLE in the W.H! The Republicans who supports this nut is just as sick as he is! WELL DONE Republicans!!! How stupid is he!! PUT THIS TRAITOR IN PRISON for 100 years!!!!!!

  • Why is he so quick to have a snappy attitude when he's caught contradicting himself…? The last time President Trump took ownership of any wrongdoing was when his "locker room" talk was released.

  • Mahler should not be on this case call me should be behind bars and we should not be focusing on this no more Hillary Bill Loretta Lynch all need to go to jail that's the American people's thoughts not the government

  • 1:36 Trump looks like an evil pig.

  • Trump tricked Comey lmao

  • If Comey would never have lied under oath, particularly if he thought there may be tapes hence it is Trump who is lying when he says he did not ask Comey to drop the Flyn investigation.

  • Lock him UP!
    Lock HIM UP!
    Obstruction of Justice, Chile Rape, Self-admitted Sexual Assault of women and children, Creepy sexual comments about his own daughter and getting public lap dances from her when she was still a child, Money Laundering for drug dealers & multiple mafia organizations & enemy governments of the USA (from Eastern Europe to Dictator Putin's Russia), self-admitted acts of high treason (like his encouraging and taking part in election rigging), pathological financial frauds from his Trump "university" scam to his many real estate cons and his infamous casino scams! There is more than enough reason to lock up that anti-American sack of shit and throw away the key. Those reasons alone are more than enough to throw everyone out of government offices who have expressed ANY support of Treasonous Trump at any point. Thrown them ALL out, then LOCK THEM ALL UP!

  • Our PResident needs to write a book, " How to play the MSM to your advantage " and yes, I am loving it, Trump has figured out over the years exactly how to play the MSM Propaganda machine, in such a way as to get them to expose themselves to the American people. And for the record, the President never said there were tapes, he said Comey better hope there were none and this in itself compelled Comey to be some what honest concerning our President and his convo.

  • Why is this a headline and the fact that he never was under any investigation is never talked about?

  • He wanted Comey to tell the truth, can you folks not read between the lines?

  • Trump'all attempt to troll Comey and the press really backfired…now we have a special investigation…let's see if he dares to fire Mueller

  • ABC lies in broad daylight. Trumps tweet did not mention WH at all.

  • Trump is a practiced, pathological liar. He never said he had them… he said "better hope he did not have". Now he says he has no tapes. I would not believe him about anything. The man is a psychopath!

  • He never said he did. He trolls the shit out of these people, and they never seem to catch on.

  • Lol why does the picture of Trump show him looking down like he did something wrong? He's the most powerful person on earth he was wise to put Comey in the hot seat.

  • marihuanos gringos racistas

  • I do t get it, someone in grade 4 could see why these tape rumours kept the FBI dude honest . Why does the press keep asking why 41 days. ? It was a successful strategy and Trump chose his words perfectly so he didn't lie. …. It worked??

  • What the f#@k is going on??? This guy is shitting on all of us and… we're eating it!!!

  • Trump has always been a slimy, lying, whiny piece of crap.

  • I think what he did "wasn't very stupid". It was the 5 D chess again. It was to encourage him to be more honest… BUT… it also triggered him to do what we now no to have been a longstanding DISHONEST habit — leak information… We now know he has been doing it for months… per the reporter with whom he colluded. So Trump got him to do it… AND to admit it publicly, under oath, before congress and the world. Do you think he would have ever revealed this bad behaviour any other way? I doubt it. I think that is a smart chess move. Reminds me of the character in Princess Bride when analysing (or more correctly analysize) which cup had the poison. Trick is, you have to be the one who put the poison in. Trump wins. Old technique… keep the pressure up on the criminals until someone cracks… then the house of cards will tumble. I hope the CCS (Clinton Crime Syndicate) tumbles in a big way soon. I would like pics of all of them in orange jumpsuits.

  • Trump supporters still no where to be found in months. Your president is a JOKE. Oh, look. He lied. Again.

  • despicable, lying piece of covfefe.

  • really? after 6 weeks? pants on fire kind of guy

  • I love it when the anti-Trumpsters come out.. What a fantastic bluff it was.. Just enough to make that crooked, Comey stand on his toes and prove that HE was one of the biggest leakers..

  • As the saying goes, "the wall has ears". Can I say that the "tape" episode is just a reminder that "God is listening". Obvious that Trump outsmarted James Comey in the reverse psychology game. It serves to deter one from lying, but one can still lie.

  • I miss Obama. The World was a happier and safer place with him in power.

  • Amazing scientific discovery announced! A spineless mammal has been discovered – the name is James Comey.

  • so now what?

  • Who believes this liar? His Dumpsters, that's who!

  • OH !!… perhaps another lie THERE MAY BE TAPES. See, people state that he likes to make tapes of conversations. But since Comey said that he hoped there were tapes to record whatever conversation they both had. HE (not Comey) quickly deposed of them as they would reveal the conversation between Comey and HIM – i.e. HIM asking for Comey's loyalty and that would be in Comey's favor. Get it !
    HE always lies..that puts his credibility in question…BIGLY.
    "Quick!" get rid of the tapes.
    Are there cameras in the WH rooms ?…. Good. Get the CCTV and LIP READ!!

  • Who's the king??…TRUMP!!…move on little babies…suck it up!!..and suck it!!

  • Lying is so second nature to this Orange Fail.

  • No perfect word about Trump. Trump's Deceptions are off the Scale.

  • Donald Trump is not worthy of being president!

  • I was just banned from commenting on ABC's website – that bastion of free speech and truth – for politely pushing back against their fake news narrative about Pizzagate. I asked for "evidence" before calling it a "discredited conspiracy theory." But that's unacceptable. They are losing control of the narrative and will CENSOR because it's all they have left.

  • Trump did not "admit" to anything. ABC is just peddling fake news. Trump outsmarted Comey by bluffing about the tapes. Comey fell for it and was forced to reveal things in congressional testimony such as that he leaked classified information to the press, and Loretta Lynch obstructed justice. ABC news is not credible.

  • I found out that somebody was recording my telephone conversations once… the pope told me that she was going to sell them to a news paper stand in a Las Vegas casino that only sales homemade chili and child porn! When I got this news I quickly hopped into my volkswagon and almost drove off a cliff! I then preceded to check out at walmart and when I got home I found out that the underwear I bought was slightly used. Thankfully they gave me a gift card to harkins theatre and I go to the movies every week for free!