Trump Brags a Tiny Bit About the Stock Market

The Dow was down more than a thousand points, the second-worst drop in history. Not only was the down-market upsetting for investors, it was also tough news for Donald Trump who from time to time, likes to brag a tiny little bit about how well the stock market is doing on his watch.

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Trump Brags a Tiny Bit About the Stock Market



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  1. The stock market and it's numbers have no light or warmth and are as empty as the space that surrounds the stars. Just like Trump has no light and warmth and is as empty as the space that surrounds the stars.

  2. There are two possible things that happened here. Either the investment software used by everyone and their dog, crashed, due to not being optimized for a DOW over 25,000, OR… Soros and Democrats are purposely trying to crash the market right after THE MEMO was released. If the investment software across the board is reset for a larger market, we'll see a DOW of 35 to 40,000 by the end of the year. If Soros and the Democrats are purposely trying to crash the market ( Soros has done it before! ) then in the end, they're bound to get caught JUST LIKE the Obozo/Hillary/DOJ/FBI attempted coup on a sitting president. Want a little reality, instead of watching this idiot Kimmel? Check out And stay up to date of the illegal and anti-American antics of today's liberals and Democrats.

  3. He brags about the stock market like he NEVER KNOWS about the people who lie, cheat and steal in the WH!!! AS of yesterday, the ONLY people left from the original team in tRUMP's WH are the ORangeOne and Pens(ive)!! SUCH WINNING I can't take any more!!

  4. I'll say this –
    1) military intelligence recruited this orange moron to
    1a) start WWIII, test their latest nuke on Korea, airpower in Iran n take Egypt as their prize –
    2) a gift from Kushner to Bebe!!!

    PROBLEM IS oversight (news agencies, FBI, CIA n DOJ) has to b neutralized or taken out.
    1) Fake news = ✔
    2) FBI = current fight is NOT trump vs FBI. It's Military Intelligence vs FBI

    * the release of the idiotic Nunez memo was the crossing of the red line for the FBI (ppl who need the FBI were called upon to take action to send the msg to the WH – back off or….c below):

    Monday's 666 was a resounding 'we'll FUK u up if u go further bc ur getting too big for ur house n we finance ur house n everything within it n around it, so BRING IT if u have the balls ….'

    Trump quiets down n says nothing bout markets till …. he huddles back w/ his 'enablers' (military intelligence) – like idiots they assure him they've got his back ( i.e. 'i canshot any1 on Park Ave n nothing will happen…') … n again orange idiot sends out yesterday tweet – 'FBI TEXTS BOMBSHELLS' –

    n the 'market' responds AGAIN implying not only to every1 but to him n the MI especially that NO it wasn't a correction.

    ** if any1 was watching 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC Wednesday AM – it was freaking cryptic as hell to Donny – reminded me of IMF's Christine Laguard's 2013 numerology msg vid!


    Soooo, put on ur seatbelts it's gonna b a fuking bumpy ride between the Military Intelligence vs oversight (FBI/CIA/DOJ n I'm gonna add public). My feel is this will come down by or b4 spring PERIOD!

    Good luck!

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