Treach: Biggie Didn’t Set Up 2Pac, Biggie Feared the Gangsters Around Him

Naughty By Nature rapper Treach spoke openly about his friendship with 2Pac during an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he revealed that the two of them met by being roadies for Queen Latifah and Digital Underground. It was at this time that Treach and 2Pac made many connections on the road that would later help them both in their careers. 

During the conversation, Treach spoke about 2Pac ramping up his studio recording after getting shot at Quad Studios in New York. He then addressed claims that Biggie had something to do with the situation, and you can hear Treach’s response above.


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  • this nigga stay on pac dick. he don't even defend himself or his moms after wack punk'd his pussy ass.

  • BIG Scared? Lol Nah B. But you know who was scared 2Pac, in fact 2Pac was so Scared of Suge That He allowed Suge to bully him into doing everything, he made PAC sign with death row, he made PAC start a fight with Orlando and he even made him take off his vest supposedly of the night of the shooting if anybody was scared it was PAC.

  • and

    is that the guy from Naughty by Nature?

  • Biggie was sneak dissing Pac while Pac was openly destroying him in public for not telling him who did it.

  • 1:292:23
    lol! luv it. these niggas

  • Why does Treach keep stroking his dome like he's pulling long hair behind his ears??

  • Feel me flow was amazing!!

  • Thugs/Gangsters don't do ballet b. Tf type of straight man prances around in a tutu?

  • S/O to all My Certified G's in NYCSouth Bronx Murda Moore Projects and Soundview projects right here and also the linden projects in Brooklyn (East New York) always gotta rep my hood South Bronx and Brooklyn all day. If you don't understand what I'm saying it's hood shit.

  • Would someone PLEASE tell me what kind of chain that is?

  • Suge Knight got in PAC head & shit got crazy form there smh it's sad because we lost 2 of the very best in the game.

  • Ugh.. ppl really think gangbangin and killing another black man makes you so gangsta NO that makes you ignorant! Willing to go to war with the cops is way more gangsta for a black man! This new generation is fucked! Tupac shot two off duty cops (unknowingly) because they were harassing another black man. I'm sure Biggie never even pulled a trigger! we need more Tupacs and less (no) gangbangers !

  • nigga youuuu better get that mf cause u convinced my ass 😂😭😭

  • Treach on something lol

  • educational moment: after NWA and Cool G Rap showed you can make hits with hardcore , some people jumped on that gravy train not really being hard. Just because you grew up in the hood doesn't make you hard or a G. The grimy set latch on to a meal ticket ( Biggie) having no real loyalty to them. Same with TUPAC. The difference between the two is Pac actually vibes with the real Gs and called then out when they didn't represent. and pac was respected for that . Biggie didn't have that kind of respect. as long as he made hits, he had goons. that's all treach was saying. Some of y'all speak on stuff and have no clue. that's OK though . that's what the keyboard is for, giving some people an outlet for fantasy

  • Im only 18 but ive done my research on the game

  • if you wasn't in HS during this time don't comment….

  • why this nigga whispering

  • Lmao! Since people seen the PAC movie everyone's a expert lol , talking about Haitian jack this and that lol gtfo only the real fans knew about this along time ago

  • Wasn't it Jazmine Guy the woman Pac stayed with after the studio incident

  • Wait when did PAC have beef with Haitian jack? I thought jimmy henchmen had PAC shot the first time? The same henchmen that was having issues with 50 cent many years later.

  • Treach rocking that long ass 50" chain

  • Who gives af about this ancient beef?! "Uptown Anthem" was a great song though. RS!

  • Treach is a fraud ass bitch nigga! This choir boy acting like he really a G! FOH nigga.

  • I tell treach is real he made a lot of since biggie couldn't tell who shot PAC because he was not a real Street cat but the best rapper. sad to say I can tell drugs has taken a toll on treach

  • They cut Treach's part out of the movie. I wonder what it would've showed

  • "Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote the Bible." -Cole

  • why does treach look like tech 9 to me

  • This shit is depressing 🙁

  • pac knew why them guys came after him BECAUSE HE SAID SO HIMSELF . He dissed them dudes. AINT HAVE SHIT TO DO WITH BIG. Also #SEVERAL people (including iron mike ) besides biggie told this dude to stop hanging around them cats but he was to blinded to see it because they was showing him love. How many people in different circles have to tell you this before you get it HECK according to the dude that HENCHAMN sent to rob tupac (dexter isaac) he claims pacs gun went off as he was trying to blast on them dudes and dexter says they grabbed his hand and the guns went off. Ol boy also said henchman told me PUFFY KNEW the set up was coming. My guess is other people may have knew but thems some real street dudes and none of them rappers was about to tell them to stop… PAC didnt even go at them dudes like he went at BIG. maybe he was trying to get his bread up.

  • Everyone arguing over what Big and Pac did, what they should have done, and didn't do; none of us know shit, we all speculating and guessing. Just respect the dead and leave it at THAT.

  • Treach sound like the only one who really knows 2Pac, like that.

  • These niggaz don't no shit about tupac I was born in 84 when tupac released strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z album I became a fan.

  • Naughty By Nature are Legends. Love that first album and I still got the original…….only thing is OPP almost got me killed.

  • look who gives a fuck about two dead people . its over with . move the fuck on . they been dead for so fucking long like seriously get off they dick u homos.

  • most played song at tha olympics….. they got a gold medal fr that tho?

  • bitch u gon die u ain gon make it….stickn fingers in tha wound…sheeeeeeeiiiiiiiiitttttttt

  • Biggie was (technically) the better rapper/storyteller, but he was a punk too. Beating on women, making diss songs about 'Pac & freestyling them in Cali after he died… "Long Kiss Goodnight" was clearly about 2Pac. But he didn't dare say that shit when Pac was alive! Puffy on the other hand…

    Puffy had the street connections. He put the hit on 2Pac & hired the Crips as security…Puffy later set Shyne up while getting off on the shooting charges himself. No talent-havin' ass. Can't dance, can't rap. Just a straight worthless sellout. Should've been him & Suge that died instead of 2Pac & Biggie. The world we be so much better for it. Puffy was the first multi-millionaire "rap mogul" to crap up the whole genre with his glossy, sanitized commercial-sounding music after Big died. Then Jay-Z came along, then it all just went to hell shortly after. Hasn't been the same since the mid-'90s.


  • Glad Treach brought up the Assata stuff. Didn't know that's why Pac left the hospital early! Damn good reason tho.

  • what actress did pac stay with

  • Is it me or did treach get super skinny? I remember watching him in the videos and he was and total beast mode! Now he slimmer than the seat he sitting in …smh…#whatsReallygoingOn

  • Let me explain this to all you dumb asses think you know something in this man pacs life, I don't care I you believe this or not here it is the real shit, It all started with Suge knight and P mutha fuckin diddy. With PAC gettin shot in that elevator he knew who shot him listen to his songs if u a true fan and he tells u who shot him he knew biggie ain't shoot him, but the fact that biggie kept giving him hints not to fuck with certain type dudes instead of tellin him that's why PAC was pissed, but at that time biggie did not want no problems from that crew cause at the time he was just in it for the money man. Soon after that if you see the video on YouTube bout suge sayin he fucked diddys wife to PAC soon after that diddy seen a magizine can't recall the name but it had his baby mama with his baby and suge on the cover and believe he was pissed. The nigga that he is he obviously sent niggas lookin for suge and if u around the hood we all know suge was lookin for diddy and diddy eventually found out. fast forward to PAC running up on biggie and his crew wit suge after biggie left the scene and diddy and his bodyguard came walkin out they seen PAC n suge. Diddys bodyguard was ready to die for that shit he told homie he had it with two guns in the waist ready to blast PAC and the 15-20 goons he had wit him but he turned n seen diddy split behind the van hence in every interview I see them sayin diddy was runnin and PAC stated in the song "they see me, they run" later after they got back to the house diddys bodyguard heard Diddy say "I don't give a fuck if PAC gotta die if big gotta die or suge gotta go to jail I'm tired of this shit." And shortly after PAC went to vegas if any of u seen that keefd confession were he said puffy said "this is the perfect time." And mutiple people seen him that night I truly believe that hit was for PAC but suge begin in the car was a 2 for 1. After that tho we already know how suge is generally speaking so biggie dies n then suge goes to jail… what a coincidence huh.. puffy name keeps comin up every damn time.. yet he's the only nigga that seems to be aiite. He said he looked out for niggas yet he was even Robbin big for his money yet he said he looked out for his niggas haha you looked out for their funerals you punk ass bitch nigga ooo I can't fuckin Wait man.. fuck I wish I would come up a real nigga got to take all these so claim to be real ass niggas out the game yet they ain't doin shit for they communities..

  • he stayed with Jasmine guy

  • I'm a white man 40+ years old in gated community and if someone gets shot in the hood or someone got popped in a bad deal . If something stolen I can find it. Biggie knew who shot PAC and his fake ass wouldn't talk . That's not street code. Streets talk and playas got they ears to the street. Fuck biggie eggs and welches grape