Tracee Ellis Ross Wants To Be Paid For Equal Laughs

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  1. Congrats to Cardi. I think she should still put out an album. There are still people out here who respect the artistry in the creation of albums. It would be dope to hear one from her.

  2. Cardi B holds the record…. Let that sink in. Cardi B. Not Patti LaBelle, not Aretha Franklin, not Tina Turner, not Diana Ross, not Whitney Houston, not Lauryn Hill…. Phew! What. A. Time… to be alive. We are now seeing that, contrary to popular misconception, men lie, women lie, and numbers lie too!

    And Kim, please start off 2018 in a normal way; give the baby a regular name. Leave all those dumb names like North, Saint, Blu Ivy, Sir, Rumi, Dream etc in the past.

  3. Ross needs to sit the hell down with that equal pay bullshit. Anderson is the executive producer, director, and STAR of the show. You can get a raise, but your as is sure not going to make as much as Anthony Anderson when he does 3 times the amount of work as you.

  4. I swear this is crazy…Cardi was just a stage girl on URL battle rap (Charlie Clips vs Young Ill) a few years ago and now look….when God has plans for you, no one can stop it….

  5. "The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. The most un-protected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the black woman"–Malcom X

  6. Charlemagne your stupid! She is talking about her episodic salary for acting in the role! She is not comparing her salary for being a Executive Producer on the show. If you know anything about show business you would know that. So of course her overall compensation will never match Anthony's but her episodic fee should.

  7. If ya'll divorced… and one of them moved on… why is it always one of them can't shut up about the other? I swear I forget Lamar Odom played basketball, because his health, drug and alcohol problems and association with a Kardashian has overshadowed him as an individual and his personal accomplishments.
    Seriously, you Google search "Lamar Odom", and search for words on that 1st page of results:
    Basketball – 5x
    player – 6x
    NBA – 10x
    Kardashian – 32x
    Khole – 26x

    He needs to reject all Kardashian questions in interviews and start focusing on him and his kids.

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