Touré On His Infamous BET Interviews, Russell Simmons Allegations, Tax Problems + More

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  1. I like Charlemagne but he can be super hypocritical sometimes.. I respect Toure because he's consistent across.. The same circumstances and opinion he applied to the R.Kelly is the same he apllied to the Russel situation… R.kelly had due process and was acquitted of charges but he is yet crucified in the of public opinion based on allegations made by women we dont know… Charlemagne is quick to hop on that R.kelly which is cool but you gotta have that same energy and consistency across the board… Toure is tellin him the he has clear reason in this specific situation to believe Russel, a man he considers a friend carried out this act and Charlemagne is continually being hypocritical and tryin to discount him…

  2. Good moral character says black children in the U.S. only care about material things, so there is no need to build a school for them or donate money to keep heat in their schools, while building a school in South Africa. Good moral character lying to another sister about her family being on the show and sitting back while two men systematically destroy her name by gossiping about her being difficult, and Oprah did not at all come out and apologize and say Mo'Nique is not difficult. Plus, Oprah does not want to be President because then people will know she's not really a billionaire that voted for Reagan who gave us the Drug War that started destroying black families.

  3. This Bird ASS THIRSTY FOR WEED HOMO ASS NIGGER A SUPER FRAUD!!! This nigga live in my Hood and stole that podcast idea from my Nigga Shizz!!! No respect for these fake niggaz in the industry. And that's super factz!!! He know

  4. Man, America has brainwashed it's people, so It was ok in the 40 50 60 70 and 80s huh? Its like how weed is illegal, but meds isn't? Or foods that are related to cancer, but is still legal. The government control the narrative. It's funny how people think weed is a drug!

  5. I love the Breakfast Club but Angela Yee is MAD ANNOYING. Charlemagne said you have to listen to the interviewee and she cut him off three times. STFU and learn something. Sheesh.

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