Tory Lanez gets called out for ‘Stealing’ Another Singer’s Tag “GET YOUR OWN SH*T!!”


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Tory Lanez getting called out for ‘Stealing’ Another Singer’s Tag “GET YOUR OWN SH*T!!”
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  • He competes with his craft with anyone that originates their own style and ….,.

  • Which is kinda yeah I can see y that would get under someone's skin

  • Musically genius or just bitting people sounds

  • I say all that too say this u just mad cause he doing what yo hubby do 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • akademiks the type of nigga to report nudity on pornhub

  • That nigga is more ugly than talented

  • worst rapper in world…. boring culture vulture in history… lanz stealing reggae music

  • Lanez a shapeshifter

  • Why this nigga look like a black ass Ellen Degeneres

  • bro go back to the basement quickly I need the basement voice back

  • Eric Bellinger fell tf off ain't no one listening to the dude anymore. 😂😂😂

  • o shit what what happened to eric bellinger

  • Hold the fuck up
    he dont sound like travis nigga
    Travis sounds like him
    He's been doing the auto tune shit since before Travis was even a thing.

  • Yeah he is talented but he is a swagger Jagger

  • Well just think about it. This nigga even jacked a female pornstars name. A fine one that I jack it to on a regs'. Goddamnit, I'm going to xvideos to do that right now actually.

  • LMAO mad respect to the guy Eric for not acting like a bitch. And for being intelligent with it and not calling him a bitch or a pussy ass nigga trying to start up some lame ass beef.

  • His hair look retarded lol

  • how the fuck does I told you album sounds like drake? drake ain't even a singer ans he cant sing

  • Tory dont give a fuckkk i love it

  • Tory Lanez – Let my swag get at you

  • Tory dont give a fuckkk i love it

  • ….but he copied chris browns hairdo

  • first off not the MUTHAFUCKING finishing move. this nigga stole eric bellinger Stone cold stunner

  • I don't see the difference from Tory Lanez and when drake do the exact same thing …. why is it okay for one person to do it and not the next I will never get this new generation of hip-hop or whatever tf it is now